As one party ends we're already planning the next! '“ Cheryl Gibbs

I'm back from sunny Bulgaria, and what a holiday we had! I didn't have huge expectations of being able to relax during this particular vay-cay. I mean, with a party of 18 spending all day and night together and adding booze on tap to the mix'¦well, anything could have happened.

Thursday, 26th July 2018, 10:57 am
Updated Thursday, 26th July 2018, 12:04 pm

Rest and relaxation was the last thing I expected.

But I'm thrilled to report the trip was a huge success and my uncle Nigel, whose 60th birthday we were celebrating, had a wonderful time.

It was such a perfect place to go, though perhaps still not the stereotypical place to holiday.

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But, trust me when I say that Bulgaria is certainly on people's radar and that's only going to increase.

 I went two years ago for my sister Jo's 40th (because that's what we do in my family) and we all absolutely loved it then. 

Fast forward two years to the present day and I couldn't believe how much it had grown in popularity in such a short space of time. 

It was at least three times as busy and while I admit to not particularly enjoying the mad crowds of Flower Street (it's the main strip and I would say it's  as crazy as the streets of Bangkok) everyone loved the country.

It has a really cool vibe about it '“ the beach is a long stretch of creamy sand, the water was warm, temperatures were around 30 degrees each day and it was just awesome.

We stayed at the Hotel Helena Park which was at the quiet end of the strip '“ thankfully. 

And I have to say for what was a relatively small complex it genuinely was a brilliant hotel with excellent food on offer. 

It really was amazing.

While I was initially worried that perhaps my father-in-law Danny and his wife Sue might not like spending all this time with '˜my lot' I'm glad to report that they too loved it. 

And now we're all planning another big family holiday in 2020 to Costa Rica to mark a few big birthdays, not least of all my husband Matt's 40th!



Who would choose to be packed in like sardines? 

I hate flying. For someone who has travelled as much as I have I honestly find it difficult to sit on a plane for any length of time

Who in their right mind would love the thought of sitting in a small confined space, starved of natural air and packed in life sardines for hours? 

Apparently some people do, but not me. On the flight to Bulgari I was between two rows from hell. The couple in front of me refused to sit still and kept slamming back on their seat causing our drinks to fall in our laps.

And in the row behind me were twin boys who thought it was hilarious to use their tray table as a game so I got it from both sides.

Needless to say my patience wore thin very quickly. 


Bulging biceps '“ the perfect cure for the holiday blues

Matt and I did what we always do when we return from holiday '“ go the cinema.

It's our favourite pastime. And despite this beautiful weather and my usual reluctance to spending time indoors when it's hot, I felt an allowance could be made for going to see The Rock, aka Dwayne Johnson, in his latest movie, Skyscraper.

Think big-scale disaster movie with obvious twists, but with The Rock looking buffer than ever and going to the ends of the earth to save his family from the brink of disaster.

It's a genuinely good watch if you like the disaster genre. But I'm confident you'll like this film, if for no other reason than The Rock's bulging biceps.