OPINION: Lest we forget: D-Day is all about human sacrifice – not Trump

I very much hope but very much fear the circus that follows Donald Trump’s state visit to the UK will not overshadow the 75th anniversary of D-Day in June.

Friday, 10th May 2019, 11:40 am
COURAGE: Troops wade ashore on D-Day

My nan is in her 91st year but was a girl during the war. She can still recall many frightening examples of air raids, her brothers going off to war and the real threat of invasion.

I so hope you take your children or grandchildren to any of the countless events there will be in our area, showing how Portsmouth, Gosport, Lee-on-the-Solent and the Isle of Wight played such a massive part in the Normandy landings on June 6, 1944.

It seems to me we could be about to enter a dangerous phase in our history.

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The EEC (European Economic Community) was formed firstly by the French and Germans to strengthen ties between all nations in the hope we should never fight another war.

We’ve seen peace for 74 years and 28 nations of Europe are working together to make us stronger and safer together.

As we move closer to Brexit, the next generation may well lose that sense of togetherness we have enjoyed with safe, open borders.

Nationalistic tendencies are worrying and I’m sure that generation which fought in the war and those who lived through the Cold War feel disappointed at the way it’s going.

I hope the British media lead their news bulletins and in print on their front pages with the stories of bravery, sacrifice and hope that saw more than a million men cross a choppy English Channel, unsure what would face them as the bows of their landing craft were lowered into the shallow water before those men stormed ashore.

When I hear how my great uncles used to come home on leave, then shake with fear or break down in tears when they had to leave, not knowing if they would return, I feel it’s my duty to make sure my kids know of their story and what they did for us.


For me, that glorious Easter brought the crack of doom

I hope you enjoyed the Easter weekend. I will go on record and say that has to have been the best Easter weather ever.

In fact, in my mother-in-law’s garden on Sunday afternoon I would say it was too hot. It’s a sun trap and her wall thermometer read 30C. We made the most of it and spent much of the long weekend outside.

I’m sure many of us got a little sunburned. I’ve seen a few red foreheads and inverted triangles on people’s chests. I though have burned in a whole new place. Bending down so much to pick up or sort out my children, I’ve managed to burn my ‘builder’s bum’ –  the bit that shows when you bend over, the crack at the top. Can you believe it? Only me!


Euro polls: we need a party with clear mandate to Remain

As we gear up for the European elections it seems that Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party is going to be a big winner.

For anyone who voted to leave the EU and is fed up with the way Brexit is being handled, it’s the clear party for you to vote for. But what of the 48.11 million who voted to remain?

Every poll I’ve read suggests another referendum should see the UK remain in the EU, so which party has a clear mandate to remain? Is it the Lib Dems? Those who left Labour and the Tories? If it is, none is making as much noise as Farage.

Can one party please take the bull by the horns and say they’d like us to remain in the EU so remainers know who to vote for?