Overweight cover girls do as much harm as skinny ones '“ Clive Smith

Plus-size '˜model' Tess Holliday has appeared on the front cover of Cosmopolitan. If you don't know her, the '˜plus-size' description is doing her a favour. She's more like a triple-plus size.

Monday, 10th September 2018, 2:20 pm
Updated Monday, 10th September 2018, 2:28 pm
Tess Holliday: should she or shouldn't she?

As you can imagine there has been plenty of debate both for and against her front page image.

Piers Morgan has caused the most controversy, saying (in reference to the current obesity crisis) that the cover was '˜dangerous and misguided'.

For me, I couldn't care less who appears on the front of a magazine, what she looks like, or what her body mass index is.

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Look, she doesn't float my boat although I'm sure for some people she does.

Some would even pay good money to watch her eat a whole Black Forest gateau and swig two litres of custard.

Her weight is the issue here and the way I see it, obesity isn't something that should be glamourised any more than the models who look like they live on a lettuce leaf a day and two portions of fresh air.

Being morbidly obese is bad for you, as is being super, super skinny.

If she's happy being that size then fair enough. It's great that people are happy with their bodies. And if you're what others would call '˜out of the ordinary' then that's even better.

But Tess has hit back at the people who have body-shamed her and that's what I don't understand.

If you weigh the same as a small elephant and appear on the front page of Cosmo in a swimsuit what do you really expect?

It's obviously going to happen. If you put yourself out there, it comes with the territory.

People are always going on about skinny models promoting negative body images which lead to girls having issues with their self-esteem and, in many cases, leading to eating disorders.

So, to not criticise someone who is exactly the opposite is a double standard.

Let's call it as it is, Tess Holliday isn't promoting a body image to aspire too.

Pursuing a body shape that could eventually lead to Type 2 diabetes and chronic heart disease is absolutely nothing to be celebrated.


I once queued to get into clubs, now... it's for school uniforms

I thought my days of queuing to get into places was over many moons ago.

In years past I'd wait in line with my fake ID outside the 5th Avenue nightclub on Southsea seafront in all weathers. Now, if a queue is any bigger than a few people I swerve it.

You get older and have kids and you expect things to change, but one thing my younger self would have never envisaged my older self doing was queuing for half-an-hour to get into a school uniform shop!

But there I was. I know it was my own fault for leaving things until the last minute. It was even one in, one out! Exciting times eh?

All that was missing was a fight at the taxi rank and a visit to a kebab shop.


Theresa May: Damned if she dances, damned if she doesn't

Wow, Theresa May has got some dance moves, hasn't she? The footage of her dancing with the locals in Africa has taken the internet by storm.

The thing is, she's damned if she does and damned if she doesn't. On the one hand she'd get stick for being stuffy and standing about doing nothing and on the other she has a go and gets mercilessly ribbed for it.

Now, I'm no John Travolta when it comes to dancing but I have to say she could do with appearing on a few series of Strictly. But at least she had a go. It's got to be better to have a go than not at all,

I bet some of the crueller jibes are from people with no rhythm and have two left feet themselves!