Recalling day Sam walked Naked across the common

Pompey lost 1-0 to Accrington StanleyPompey lost 1-0 to Accrington Stanley
Pompey lost 1-0 to Accrington Stanley
I was in Birmingham at the weekend, celebrating the 40th birthday of one of my former radio '˜wives' '“ a lady called Donna Alos.

It reminded me of all the awful things I made colleagues do back in the day.

Donna didn’t speak to me for a week after I got her to ask Gary Barlow to kiss her on the lips during an interview.

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Donna hated water, so she was not impressed when we hosted the show from Cowes Week one year.

She was even less impressed when we towed her, live on air, behind a speedboat whilst she was sat in a rubber ring!

These were back in the Power FM days. You’ll be pleased to learn I’ve grown up a little now I’m on Wave 105.

Then there was the time I made a girl called Sam Heywood, who hosted the travel from the ‘Flying Eye’ plane, walk naked on Southsea Common.

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Many people turned up that morning to watch Sam complete her dare.

Let’s just say she wasn’t too unattractive!

Anyway, hordes were disappointed to find her walking ‘Naked’ the dog across the common!

Then there was poor old ‘Maximum Bob’.

I loved working with Bob, he was up for anything.

I got him to walk around Stubbington in just a towel and knock on people’s doors to see if he could borrow their shower.

He also provided on-board ‘entertainment’ with a loud hailer on a Solent Blue Line bus to relieve the boredom on the morning commute, only for the driver to kick him off seconds after telling his first joke.

Bob’s replacement was a chap called ‘Crispy’.

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He was from the Isle of Wight and won a Search For A Star-style competition we ran.

When he turned up late for the breakfast show, I made him cycle around the Isle of Wight the next day during the show as punishment.

When he did it again the following week, he rode around the island the other way dressed as a chicken!

Hmm, I tend not to sleep well these days as I know revenge is sweet!


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Pompey losing is still a bitter pill to swallow.After a promising start to the season, I was confident.

Now, there are two teams I really, really cannot stand us losing to. One, of course, is Southampton, the other being last weekend’s opponents Accrington Stanley.

Why? It all goes back to a TV commercial from the 1980s. Remember those Scouse kids drinking milk after playing a game of football?

‘Ian Rush said if you don’t drink your milk, you’ll only be good enough to play for Accrington Stanley’ says child 1.

‘Who are they?’ asks child 2.

‘Exactly’, says child 1.

Well, they are good enough to beat Pompey.

That’s how bad that defeat made me feel!#


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It’s getting tough being dad to a two-year-old and a nine-month-old. There are exactly 18 months to the day between the two.

Freddie, the eldest, is now very much into his sister Holly. He ignored her totally for the first six months, but now she’s starting to crawl and be more interesting, he’s interested!

Sadly, his excitement gets too much for him and he has now started to kick and punch her.

Holly does get her own back though.

She can kick too.

It’s all playful stuff, but he can be rather boisterous towards her.

When she finally walks, he’s in trouble!

And the advice I’ll give him?

Welcome to the next 20 years of your life!

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