SAM POOLE: Accept everyone for who they are

A recent report by the Children's Society suggests girls across Britain are becoming more unhappy.

Monday, 5th September 2016, 2:26 pm
Updated Monday, 5th September 2016, 3:31 pm

And 14 per cent of those aged 10 to 15 are completely unhappy with their lives.

A staggering 34 per cent have an issue with their appearance too.

According to research, girls were feeling worthless and unattractive.

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Overall there has been a sharp rise in the number of females who feel negative about themselves.

National news reports suggest boys’ happiness is stable with no sign of increase or decrease.

However, young girls acknowledged that boys do face similar, if not the same, challenges.

Boys and girls are being targeted which is a great shame as they are still learning about who they are.

We live in a media-driven culture allowing us to perceive both men and women in numerous ways.

From advertisements to films, music videos to posters, we are all encouraged to idolise these various presentations.

Many are presented to be ‘natural’ juxtaposed with those who are glamorous and made up with make-up.

As a result of this, many young people aspire to look like something they are unable to achieve.

And when they don’t reach their goals they are disheartened.

Furthermore, I think the variety of different ideals has the ability to confuse and corrupt one’s mind.

I find it concerning how it is so simple to get caught in the hype of our media-consumed world and feel poorer for it.

Young girls deserve to be girls enjoying and appreciating their age.

Boys also deserve to have a childhood free from the continued pressure of looking or behaving in a certain way.

Thankfully, I haven’t really suffered with confusion about who I am as a person.

Nevertheless I know people who became so low they didn’t feel as if they were conforming to what the world wanted of them.

We will not be able to prevent any of this unhappiness.

My prediction is it will strengthen as media strengthens. The figure will rise before it gets any better. Upsetting indeed.

If you know anyone who is struggling with the way they look, do all you can to love and encourage them. Let’s live in a world where everyone is accepted and however they look or the way they behave should not be frowned upon.