SAM POOLE: Portsmouth's cultural life is stronger than ever

Sam's off to LondonSam's off to London
Sam's off to London
Twenty-year-old SAM POOLE is a trainee digital journalist who lives at North End, Portsmouth. Follow him on Twitter @shjpoole

There’s so much on offer to the people of Portsmouth this summer. And there isn’t anything better than seeing our home city bursting with activity.

It’s a pleasing sight to see thousands flood into places such as Southsea Common, Gunwharf Quays and our city centre.

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To see so many enjoying and appreciating their time at the place in which we live is wonderful to see.

Thanks to those who are Portsmouth born and bred and invest in our city to bring us events such as the Victorious Festival, our cultural life is so much stronger than it once was.

In the past few years we have had event after event being publicised to keep us all active and engaged.

Personally I have nothing but pride for Portsmouth and I can honestly say I am bursting with excitement for the future of our city and the wider area.

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Of course there will be challenging times, but meanwhile there will be so many positive things taking place too.

With so much going on Portsmouth has been transformed into a place which is welcoming. And it’s great for our businesses too.

The south is generally a beautiful place in which to live; we are on the coastline and not too far from gorgeous countryside either.

I’ve had some time off work recently which has allowed me to appreciate a few of the many things on offer.

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I’ve loved meeting new people, catching up with old friends and chilling with those who regularly appear in my life. The weather has been great for once and I couldn’t have asked for anything better.

Even though it has been an enjoyable break from work I am heading to London for a couple of days this week. All of this is to escape Portsmouth and have a temporary change of scene.

You could argue that it isn’t totally relaxing leaving one city for another far busier one.

However the fact that I’m off to do something new is exciting.

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I’ve continually expressed my gratitude for Portsmouth and the opportunities which have been opened to me. Nonetheless, it is so vital I get away from the place from time to time to let my hair down and forget about the daily routines.

Wherever we are, whatever we do, and however much we may like it I think it is healthy to explore different places and broaden your horizons.