Should I dye my grey hair or just get a buzz cut? | Zella Compton

Should Zella embrace grey or keep on dyeing?Should Zella embrace grey or keep on dyeing?
Should Zella embrace grey or keep on dyeing?
Have you ever wondered why so many older women have short hair?In my case it’s because I went to my hairdresser, she got hold of a clump and made that ominous noise, the one that means ... ‘uh oh’.

I used to get that every nine months or so when I bothered to go for a trim.

Back then it meant there were a few split ends, and I’d need maybe a millimetre or two off.

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Now I go far more frequently as I know that my hair doesn’t hang about anymore looking okay.

It grows, it looks rubbish, and that’s its life now, until the ‘uh oh’, and another two to three inches disappears to be swept off the floor.

It’s not as if I am doing anything differently, it’s a simple age factor.

Something to do with the grey, and quite a lot to do with climate change, probably, at least that’s what I tell myself to make me feel better.

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Plus, I don’t want to succumb to going grey anytime soon, not least because until now my hair has been epicly curly – but the sneaky greys are straight.

What is that all about?

Actually, although straight, the greys aren’t exactly sneaky. They’re multiplying faster than rabbits on a Love Island-style retreat.

That means I’m onto permanent dyes and we all know what that means.

No longer only the curse of platinum blondes, roots are a major pain, especially when coupled with dye-fade.

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Even if I do accept my destiny as silver – see how I upgraded myself there? – I’d have to grow out all the dye. What a drag.

Except with my hair getting shorter and shorter each cut, maybe it wouldn’t be so bad.

When I go next and a whistle through the teeth is added to the ‘uh oh’, I’ll know it’s time for a buzz cut – and that’ll be my cue to stop colouring as well.

It’ll be then, when I am sporting super, super short hair, that I’ll grab the opportunity to show off some amazing earrings without running the risk of them becoming entangled in a maze of curls. The bigger and brighter the better. As long as I then don’t get saggy lobes, I’ll be laughing all the way to retirement.

We are spoilt for choice when it comes to films right now

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Isn’t it awesome having so many great films currently in the cinema?

We’ve been through a dry spot but now it’s raining quality. I was spoilt for choice at the weekend.

A little bit of Nazi satire in the form of Jo Jo Rabbit was my first pick, given that I can’t imagine it’ll be hanging around for long as it’s not exactly mainstream.

There were just 10 of us laughing at the ridiculous portrayal of training camps for Hitler Youth.

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Humour always heightens the pathos, so I’m glad I’ve still got Little Women and Star Wars in the mix to go and see shortly, to assuage the stark portrayal of the horrific crimes committed against Jews and those who helped them.

Anyone else up for working less to beat winter blues?

Isn’t it a drudge waking up to dark mornings, walking the dog in the dark, having breakfast when it’s pitch black outside and only when you leave for work, having the sun finally poke its head up?

I loathe this time of year. It feels like you literally have to lift heavy weights to get up.

As much as everyone dislikes the clock changes, I’m all for bringing in a magnificently shortened day which starts with sunrise and ends with sunset.

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We’ll have to proportionally shorten working hours – a few hours a day will suit me just fine – and sleep / hibernate for much longer.

Bring it on.

Or, I suppose I could buy a bigger alarm, get a torch and a sunlamp. But where’s the fun in that?

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