Simple answer for harmony is to hand over the TV remote

Four out of 10 say they clash over the remote
Four out of 10 say they clash over the remote
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I learned this week that the average family has at least four tiffs a day and one mega argument that lasts for about 10 minutes.

You receive many pointless surveys when you host a breakfast show, but some make you laugh and think about your own situation.

Apparently, the most common thing we fight over at home is the TV remote, with 43 per cent saying they clash over what to watch.

Well any man with half a brain and a feisty other half will know the simple answer for perfect harmony is to hand over the remote.

I’m no pushover, but I simply don’t have the energy at the end of the day. Sadly, my televisual enjoyment is generally curtailed early on.

We’ve settled the children and I’ve headed downstairs to watch Wheeler Dealers or Deadliest Catch on the telly.

Sarah says she’s going to have a shower and wash her hair. To me, that’s an hour off to watch whatever I want!

I’m nice and settled until she walks in, informs me she now can’t be bothered to wash hair, then sits down and utters those dreaded words – ‘can we watch EastEnders?’.

Second on the list of argument hotspots is the dishwasher.

A device that is supposed to make life easier, but which causes ructions in many households.

Who’s loading it and has it been unloaded? These are daily questions.

So you’ve unloaded and reloaded the damn device.

Then you’re told you’ve not loaded it correctly. Cutlery needs to be placed in facing up.

I’m happy to do this only if my wife wishes to unload it whilst stabbing herself repeatedly.

Third on the list is putting clothes and shoes away.

I’m forever leaving mine out, but if there was room for my two pairs of shoes next to my wife’s enormous collection, I’d never be in trouble!

I know I’m far from perfect, which is why, no matter how silly these surveys may seem, they ring true and can help in avoiding a blazing row!

Now please excuse me whilst I fail to put down the toilet seat.


How fabulous that a steam train is being used to haul a timetabled passenger service for the first time in the UK since 1968.

For three days this week, the loco Tornado will run on the scenic Carlisle to Settle line. In scenes out of a classic movie, the route takes in some breathtaking scenery, including the stunning Ribblehead Viaduct.

What is ironic, with all this nostalgia, is that Tornado entered service as recently as 2008.

If you want to travel on the oldest trains operating on the UK network, you need to cross the Solent to the Isle of Wight.

The trains there were built in 1938, 30 years before the end of steam!

That’s a real trip back in time.


Taking lunch under a heated awning in beautiful St Malo last weekend, we listened to the radio station they were playing as we ate.

The playlist featured lots of R&B and rap.

And, to our amazement, none of the expletives were removed.

Every word under the sun came out.

If you know the band NWA, then you’ll know what I mean.

We found it funny, but other English customers who had come over to France on a cruise from Portsmouth with us certainly didn’t.

I’m sure the French know what exactly all these swear words mean.

But they were all totally oblivious, even their kids, as more and more F-bombs were dropped!