So many people need to learn basic interview skills – Lesley Keating

Lesley was shocked to hear that some people do not possess decent interview skills.
Lesley was shocked to hear that some people do not possess decent interview skills.

Education establishments and parents alike should really think about instilling some decent interview skills into students. 

Each one of them is likely to have to sit an interview at some point and, if it’s for a job, the chances are they’re probably hoping to get it.

Just having the qualifications is not enough.

Everyone invited for an interview has the potential to be able to do the job or they wouldn’t have been asked.

A friend who works in human resources was telling me about some of the interview gaffs she’s had the pleasure of witnessing. These range from candidates being unsuitably dressed, apologising for having a hang-over and gum chewing to yawning and displays of complete indifference. 

Being clean, looking smart, enthusiastic, even vaguely awake is a good start. Interrupting the interviewer, swearing or attempting to be over familiar is not. And being late is a no-no. 

But it’s not just school or university graduates. Some of those working and hoping to change jobs are just as bad. 

My friend usually asks candidates what they know about the company and is regularly surprised by the responses and how many just say ‘not much’ or ‘nothing really’. 

Do your homework! Look at the prospective employer’s website, Google them, find something interesting about them to recite back to your interviewer. 

Don’t make all your questions about what you can get from the company, like pay reviews, pensions, holidays and discounts.  And, when asked if you have any further questions to ask, don’t ask about sick leave entitlement or anything else that suggests you are all ‘take’.

And – whatever your school may say on the matter – please don’t ask if the interviewer has any reservations about employing you and don’t ask for feedback there and then.  That only puts employers on the spot and certainly won’t endear you to them.

But, finally – the best one yet – when asked what had attracted him to a specific job, one chap said to my friend, ‘To be honest, this isn’t my dream job. But I’m desperate enough to take anything.’

Stop being so easily offended – it’s only a pair of shoes…

Isn’t it time we stopped being so easily offended?

The fashion industry has become the latest arena for widespread attack.

Dolce and Gabbana has become its latest pariah since a TV advert was aired showing an Asian girl attempting to eat pizza and spaghetti with chopsticks.

Gucci has cancelled a black roll-neck jumper in its range that can be pulled up over the mouth because of an outcry that it also features a cut-out pair of lips.

And Katie Perry’s fashion shoe collection is also now in trouble for featuring a pair of flat, black mules with eyes, nose and a mouth. I personally think the bigger crime here is that Katie Perry’s mules are ugly, but what do I know?

What is all the fuss about? It’s only a bit of nudity…

Dr Victoria Bateman was on Good Morning Britain recently being interviewed by Richard Madeley and Kate Garroway.

Dr Bateman is an academic who has made a name for herself protesting about Brexit while completely naked! It was fascinating watching how ‘normal’ Richard was trying to make the uncomfortable encounter with his strange, albeit articulate, guest.

You’d have been forgiven for expecting him to have found it awkward yet he remained professional whereas Kate Garroway in contrast was visibly flushing with embarrassment.

I’m not agreeing with Victoria’s form of protest but it’s funny how het up we get over nudity.