Southampton fans’ Sala gestures were sickening – Cheryl Gibbs 

Tributes at Cardiff City Stadium for Emiliano Sala.
Tributes at Cardiff City Stadium for Emiliano Sala.

I was appalled to read the news about the Southampton Football Club fans who made aeroplane gestures at the Premiership match last weekend after it was confirmed that they had found the body of Cardiff City footballer Emiliano Sala. 

It was one of the most indecent things I’ve heard lately and it disgusted me that this took place just up the road from where we are.

I know there’s this whole Portsmouth versus Southampton rivalry that runs throughout both cities but this isn’t why I’m writing this. I have never got involved in that because it goes far back beyond most of our years to our grandparents’ generation. 

Apparently it is to do with some historical feud between the two cities that dates back to the war and, let’s be honest, most of us have no clue as to the real rift between the two cities.

But when I read about this I was shocked – it was absolutely appalling behaviour.

Surely they were football fans themselves having been ticket-holders to a game, so why did they not know better?

I was encouraged by Southampton Football Club’s response to their indecency and I thought their ban was a good example to others so they don’t make the same disgusting gestures. 

What happened to Emiliano and of course the pilot, was nothing short of tragedy. I’ve read a lot about this incident and so many people talk about what a fantastic footballer Emiliano was and how he had so much to live for. 

But if you strip all that back he was just a man, a son and a well-loved individual who at the age of 28 years old had so much to live for.

I was humbled by the actions taken back in his home country of Argentina. And when Caen and Nantes, in France, paid tribute by warming up in T-shirts with the slogan ‘play for Sala’ with each Caen player’s shirt having the striker’s name of their back. 

They also did a minute’s applause at the 14th minute of the game to commemorate his squad number at Caen.

It’s small gestures like that, that go a long way, not the crude gestures made by small-minded fans who should have known better.

Age-defying Amanda wows at nearly half a century

Amanda Holden celebrated her 48th birthday at a lavish get together in central London on Wednesday night. 

The TV presenter and hot mama was joined by some of her showbiz pals. 

On the list were Britain’s Got Talent judge David Walliams, fellow presenters Stephen Mulhern and Kate Thornton and pianist and Classic FM presenter Mylenne Klass. 

That’s the good about about social media, you get a glimpse of what celebrities are up to in real time.

Amanda looked absolutely incredible in a sleek black dress with a big bow on the front. 

I wouldn’t mind looking like that when I’m 48.

Happy birthday to my big brother from another mother

Another big happy birthday – this time to my brother-in-law Steve Grant, who was born on Valentine’s Day – happy birthday Stevie. 

I’ve known Steve since I was about six years old and he went out with my sister Jo when they were about 14.

They separated for a few years, but got back together about 20 years ago and Steve’s always been like the brother I never had. I love him dearly.

I’ve always felt quite bad for Steve that his birthday falls on Valentine’s Day – a bit like those born on Christmas Day.

We’re out all this weekend for his birthday, as per usual in this family so I don’t feel too bad.

Happy birthday to my big bro!