Spontaneous plans always turn out to be the best – Cheryl Gibbs

Cheryl enjoyed her ‘no plan’ weekend. Picture: ShutterstockCheryl enjoyed her ‘no plan’ weekend. Picture: Shutterstock
Cheryl enjoyed her ‘no plan’ weekend. Picture: Shutterstock
Last week, I promised Matt that we would have a relaxing weekend at home – which is rare in our family. It’s always someone’s birthday, so whenever there is a spare break in the schedule we revel in it and so does everyone else.

We sat there blissfully looking forward to a free weekend when a text message popped up on my phone from my sister, who rarely texts me and when she does, it’s usually because she wants something – no offence sis, but it’s true.

She asked if we would babysit my niece and nephew so her and her husband could celebrate their fifth wedding anniversary.

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Honestly, I couldn’t believe the timing. I was really looking forward to doing absolutely nothing but what could we do?

It was their wedding anniversary and we genuinely had no plans, so I looked at Matt with the best pleading look I could and read the text out.

We both knew we were going to say yes and to be fair to him, after 19 years of being together, he knows the drill by now. Although a little more notice wouldn’t have gone astray...

We went round there on Saturday so they could get a few hours out and we did our usual with the kids – letting them play Xbox which is a bit of a treat.

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However I curfewed them to one hour, to which point Lewie, my nine-year-old nephew, asked if we could put a movie on – music to my ears! It was finally time to unwind.

We dug out the popcorn and the Easter eggs to settle down to watch what I thought would be an animation movie.

So when Lewie and my niece Hollie asked if they could put Mamma Mia, the Sing-a-long on – well, that was it…

Matt sat there in the corner looking shell-shocked at how he was spending his Saturday night while me and the kids were jumping around the lounge singing our hearts out.

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Combine that with handfuls of popcorn and chocolate and it could have ended rather badly.

Future note to self: giving sweet treats just before bed to excitable, young children is not the best idea.

But in the end, I rather enjoyed our ‘no plan’ weekend. Spontaneous plans, especially with family, are just the best.

Happy birthday to you – where would I be without you

Happy birthday to the most incredible man on the planet – my husband Matt. He turns 39 on Tuesday and deserves all the happiness in the world.

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He’s the kindest, most gentlest soul there is and he’s my absolute rock. I couldn’t have done half of what I have done without his support and I really do mean that. We met when he was just 19 and I was 17 and after nearly two decades together we’re still very much in love.

I’m taking him out for dinner on Tuesday and then the whole family are meeting up next Saturday for birthday drinks.

I get all excited as his birthday approaches and I can’t wait to share another one with him.

Happy birthday darling!

I can’t wait for my series to come out after so much work

The series that I’ve been working on for the last eight months finally had its debut at the international TV festival MipTV in Cannes this week.

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Plastered over a huge billboard promoting the series – The World’s Most Incredible Hotels – I was so thrilled to see it up there after months of hard work, sweat and tears.

I came up with the idea, got the investment, directed and edited some of the episodes – I’m really proud of it.

As the name suggests, it’s about the most amazing hotels all over the world and I had the pleasure of filming at some of them – what incredible experiences we all had and to see it come to life in the edit has been a humbling experience.

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