STEVE POWER: Please end our Pay & Display parking pains

Who else gets as annoyed about car park Pay & Display machines as I do?

Saturday, 11th June 2016, 6:00 am
Updated Monday, 13th June 2016, 12:18 pm
Is it possible to create a machine that wont frustrate me by refusing to take my last 10 pence?

For one thing, how long is it going to be before they invent one that can give change?

Secondly, if they are not going to give me change, can’t they at least calculate the extra parking time I should be allowed to have if I’ve overpaid slightly?

Finally, is it possible to create a machine that won’t frustrate me by refusing to take my last 10 pence without making me put it in five or six times before accepting it?

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n Does anyone else ever worry that when all the wind farms in Britain are spinning round, the land might actually start moving further out to sea, just like a hovercraft?

n I really hate it when family members call you up and the line is bad, so you can’t really tell how they’re feeling from their voice.

Then the line cuts out for whatever reason and you wait for them to call again, because you think whatever they had to say might have been urgent.

However, they don’t call again so you start getting worried about what’s up with them.

Then you call them back, but they don’t answer their phone so you get even more worried about them so you start calling again and again every few minutes, getting more worried and leaving concerned messages on their answerphones.

Finally you hear back from them a couple of hours later and they ask: ‘‘Why have you left so many voicemail messages, the line was bad so I just thought I’d call you later when it improves. I only called to say hi.’

This then results in you screaming abuse at them down the phone for putting you through hell for the past few hours.

Annoying isn’t it?