Success of Victorious is something to be proud of

Anyone who went down to Southsea Common earlier this year and saw the spectacle that was Victorious Festival won't be surprised by the story we bring you today.

In short, it was bigger and better that ever, bringing in millions of pounds to the local economy.

A report has revealed that the two-day event benefited Portsmouth and the surrounding area to the tune of a cool £8.4m.

It’s a huge success for the team behind the event.

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Over just a few years, they’ve seen it grow from a relatively small event at the Dockyard to a festival that is on the national radar.

This year’s headliners – Noel Gallagher and Manic Street Preachers – just go to show how far it’s come.

These are stellar acts and it was fantastic to see them performing on our home soil.

But the wider benefits for Portsmouth are almost more important.

The cultural cachet is priceless.

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And the number of people who come to the event from outside the city that will all go away and report to their friends how much they enjoyed themselves is also a boon.

Portsmouth has shown time and time again that when it counts, we can put on the very best of shows.

From the America’s Cup racing to Victorious, Mutiny and, hopefully one day in the future, the Grand Depart of the Tour de France.

So we applaud those behind Victorious and all those who came and enjoyed it.

We’ve seen benefits from across the board from pubs and restaurants to hotels and taxis.

So well done, and we can’t wait to see who will be on the bill next year.