Take heed - don't make same mistakeas Michael

Thousands of people in Portsmouth and the surrounding areas are suffering with diabetes, needing daily injections to control their insulin levels.

Tuesday, 30th August 2016, 6:13 am

While many of them may be aware of the consequences of the condition, Michael Betteridge sharing his story brings home a harrowing truth.

For the 32-year-old, from Portsea, eating and drinking what he wanted and missing check-ups has seen him lose his eyesight.

He admits that from a young age he wanted to be one of the lads, eating chocolate and drinking fizzy drinks.

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When his vision started to blur, he got in touch with his GP who had been chasing him to visit Queen Alexandra Hospital, in Cosham, for a check-up.

Now in his early 30s with two children, the former tattoo artist is warning other diabetics of the danger they are putting themselves in.

He does not want people to make mistakes and take for granted what being a diabetic means.

For many of us, no matter what health problems we may have, warnings from the doctors should be taken seriously.

We need to take time to visit our GP if we have concerns or, when diagnosed with an illness, ensure that we know the side-affects and how it could affect every-day life.

Importantly, when we are given the chance to get a check-up we should take them.

Our health should be looked after and that is why we have so many professionals available to help and guide us.

As well as health professionals, there are a lot of charities to offer support such as Diabetes UK. Their head of care Daniel Howarth spoke of the importance of regular check-ups and the devastating consequences that can arise from the illness.

He says having regular health checks can help minimise risks of developing complications.

Michael is brave for sharing his story and wanting to help other diabetics. His friends and family have given him a lot of support with Jimmy Wall organising a fundraising football match for him on Saturday at Priory School, in Southsea.