Taking Harley’s nappy off backfired hugely on us | Cheryl Gibbs

What a long first half of the year it’s been.

Thursday, 3rd June 2021, 4:19 pm
Updated Thursday, 3rd June 2021, 4:20 pm
Cheryl is looking forward to potty training.

A global pandemic and miserable wet weather has made for a pretty grim start to 2021.

But it feels like it’s turning around now. I’ve got my second jab today (Friday) and Matt’s fully vaccinated, as are lots of family and friends. While Covid-19 is still very much here and we all still need to be very careful, it does feel like life is getting back to some form of a new normal.

It’s been truly amazing this week as we’ve got out in the garden with Harley. While we did venture out there last year, she was so young she couldn’t really do anything.

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But this year, being that much older and able to walk, we’ve all loved the feeling of freedom of being outside. It makes such a difference to my mental health.

We spent all bank holiday weekend out there and every afternoon this week just chilling, not doing a lot and Harley enjoying naked time. I love taking her nappy off and just letting her body breathe.

But it did backfire on bank holiday Monday when she decided she wanted to go back in the house.

Matt’s always conscious of these things because he worries she’ll wee on the carpet or something – something she used to do all the time as a baby when I’d give her ‘naked hour’.

But I don’t really think too much about things like this as to me it’s not a big deal – nothing some carpet cleaner won’t fix.

However, this time she crouched down on the kitchen floor and pooed everywhere.

What made it worse (although I admit to feeling a little proud that she knew to squat – maybe potty training won’t be so difficult) is that once she had done said poop, she was so interested in it.

I didn’t get time to grab her before she trod in it all, creating poo steps across our wooden kitchen floor.

I don’t think I’ve ever moved so quickly in my life. I grabbed her, put her straight in the bath, but not before Matt came in and without looking down, trod in it also…

Needless to say, she’s had a nappy on since when indoors!

A new week and a new TV series for me to obsess over

One of the best series I’ve ever watched is Stranger Things on Netflix.

It’s a weird series that puts the child characters at the centre of the storylines. It has this 80s-style, retro-feel about it and I can absolutely see why people compare it in the success of the film The Goonies.

One of the main actors, David Harbour, (who in my opinion makes the series) has recently admitted to the reasons why he married Lily Allen. He revealed that Lily’s two daughters, who she had from a previous relationship, described him as ‘just some guy in our lives’ and it compelled him to marry the British singer. The pair wed in Las Vegas and exchanged vows in front of an Elvis impersonator – brilliant!

Happy 40th to the man who brought Matt and I together

Happy 40th birthday to one of my best friends in the whole world – Russell Paddon.

I’ve known Russ since I was 17 when I met Matt in the middle of the old Route 66 bar in Southsea.

We’ve been through great times and hard times; have lived together in each other’s houses; been on holiday together and have watched each other become parents also.

Technically he’s Matts best friend and was best man at our wedding, but I love him like a brother and he’s my best friend too.

I cant believe he’s turned 40 – even though I thought he was 40 a couple of years ago. Wwhat kind of friend does that make me?

Happy birthday darling!