The net was closing in and on Friday I tested positive for Covid-19 | Rick Jackson

I knew it was only a matter of time, the net was closing in and on Friday, for the first time, I tested positive for Covid-19.

By Rick Jackson
Wednesday, 12th January 2022, 7:27 pm
Updated Wednesday, 12th January 2022, 7:27 pm

During the breakfast show I felt I had the start of a cold coming on. My throat was a little scratchy and I started to feel achy, which is always an indication to me my body is fighting something.

I did a Lateral Flow Test when I got home but thought nothing more of it as for me, it wasn’t coronavirus, it was a simple common cold.

It was only when my wife Sarah came in and noticed the faintest of second lines I thought to myself, “Oh oh”!

Lateral flow test. Picture: Shutterstock

I booked a PCR test. It was very quick and easy and by 2pm I was down at the testing centre in Gosport with the very friendly, helpful team.

Even then, I still felt it was just a slight cold and nothing more to worry about. 9am Saturday morning and a text made it’s presents known with a loud cycle horn - I was positive.

Along with the aches and pains it seems like a head-cold to me. A slightly sore throat has eased, nose not very runny but my sinus’s are painful.

To be honest, if it wasn't for the positive Covid test, I would have gone to work, although I sound awful, not a pleasant listening experience for anyone!

Although my test results didn’t indicate which strain, for me this is the Omicron strain of the virus which I can confirm is milder, considering how poorly friends and family have been in October and November.

I’m not bed ridden, I still have some sense of taste and smell and I haven’t lost my appetite, although I’m not so bothered about what I eat.

What is interesting is how faint the second line was. Apparently the LFT doesn’t pick up Omicron as clearly as the other variants.

My advice, check closely or take a photo with your phone and turn up the contract as you may not see the line - it might be positive.


There are several things running through my mind as I self-isolate this week.

Firstly with Omicron variant; for many the symptoms are mild so a five-day isolation seems more fitting.

I’d still be working if this were just a cold ‘pre-Covid’ and struggle on through it.

If the symptoms are not more than this then the government should scrap the current ‘Plan B’.

I had my booster before Christmas, I’ve kept a low profile, wear a mask, but still I caught Covid.

I’m glad I had the booster as maybe my symptoms would have been worse, so for me, personal choice needs to prevail.

I chose the vaccine and I’d like to go to the pub, the shops or the football. We need to live with Covid now.


I do feel very lucky my symptoms only seem mild. I’ve put the time to good use.

I’ve done my tax return, perfected my video editing skills and worked on my social media feeds.

I’m sure Sarah will be pleased when I’m in the clear and able to help out again. She’s had to do all the school runs, cook, bath and bedtime while I’ve had to keep a low profile.

Trapped in the lounge only able to watch the plethora of FA Cup games on the telly – it’s been torture.

She and the kids are testing every day and for me, I’m going to enjoy the downtime because if this current strain is as transmissible as it seems, she’ll have it soon and I’ll be the one running around like a blue… well, you know!

A message from the editor, Mark Waldron.

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