These greedy pay claims would wreck the economy | Clive Smith

Usually in the run-up to Christmas you’ll see strikes from the Royal Mail, Network Rail and teachers. It’s usually under the guise of workers’ rights or better pay but we all know it’s a day off for Christmas shopping.

Mcstrike: Are they worth 15 an hour?
Mcstrike: Are they worth 15 an hour?

But a newcomer to the list of ‘strikers’ are workers from McDonald’s who’ve gone on McStrike.

They want £15 an hour which is more than the starting salary of a police officer, teacher and a nurse – £15 an hour to get my order wrong and tell me the McFlurry machine isn’t working.

Look, if they can get it fair play to them. It’s not like I begrudge anyone earning what they want or demean these sorts of jobs. I used to have a job selling ice creams and looking back, it was a decent number. But pay me £15 an hour and I’ll do it full-time.

But if fast food chains had to pay unskilled workers this kind of money it will just hasten the implementation of self-service and automation in their restaurants. Soon the chain managers will just have to oil the cogs of the robot burger flippers and wipe down their touchscreens at the end of the day. Double everyone’s pay, half the number of staff.

Anyone who thinks they should earn this sort of money hasn’t a clue about economics. I’m not saying I’m an expert, far from it, but it doesn’t take Einstein to work out what would happen.

People are stupid to think everyone can have big salaries and everyone can become rich. It’s a nice thought, but it’s a childlike way of thinking.

And people seem to be forgetting inflation too.

If unskilled workers get paid £15 an hour, then skilled workers would have to be paid more in relative terms. Say double that.

So there’s more disposal cash around. The price of everything then goes up and then we’re back to where we started.

‘Look at Norway and Denmark,’ people say. ‘McDonald’s’ workers over there earn that sort of money.’

But they forget the cost of living in Scandinavia is much higher, as is the income tax they pay.

And my rent is high enough as it is, thanks.


I just want to see wildlife not have a lecture on climate change

A David Attenborough series is always a decent watch and Seven Worlds, One Planet is a case in point.

But I’m getting the hump about hearing how terrible humans are. Every episode you hear about deforestation, loss of habitats, rising global temperatures. I’ve had enough of that from Greta.

I want to see more of that viper with the mad fake spider tail that tricked birds, giraffes fighting and the odd weird frog.

You can’t go an episode without hearing about melting ice caps and how polar bears are starving to death. Then we see a load of stupid walruses free-diving off cliff to their death. It’s a polar bear buffet at the bottom. Don’t talk to me about starving polar bears!


Don’t ban Rule Britannia just to appease the ‘snowflakes’

Lily Allen must have a new song coming out, or a book she wants to end up under Christmas trees, because she’s seeking attention again by spouting more rubbish on social media.

This time she’s calling for Rule Britannia to be banned as she’s upset about its colonial connotations.

I find it a damn sight less offensive than the rubbish she’s released for the part two decades. Maybe we should call for her tribe to be banned?

Ok, it’s not a song I’ve got on my playlist nor do I play it at full blast as I eat my full English every day, but it’s an anthem marking our history as a nation. Why should we erase our past just to appease a few snowflakes?