Twinning provides latrines and sanitation

Friday, 19th May 2017, 7:06 am
Updated Sunday, 4th June 2017, 9:43 pm
Simon Ford, youth minister at Cosham Baptist Church, shows off their toilet twinning certificate

I AM delighted that Cosham Baptist Church has completed a project to twin all of its 14 toilets with latrines and toilets in poor communities.

It is so important for us all to remember how fortunate we are to have access to proper sanitation and I am really proud that we have taken part in this Toilet Twinning initiative.

I’m particularly pleased that individual church members and church organisations, including our club for the elderly and our Music Makers group for pre-school children, have been involved.

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The idea is to twin a toilet, by contributing about £60 to Toilet Twinning, an organisation that provides latrines, hygiene and sanitation training in poorer countries.

It is good that this has engaged everyone, and that when anyone who visits our church building uses our facilities, they will understand that getting involved with the developing world is an important part of the church’s mission.

The church is used by a wide range of community and church organisations during the week and people of all ages visit our facilities.

I’m so pleased that the photograph on the plaque in each toilet lets them know about this programme, and how they might get involved themselves.

All the church’s toilets are now twinned with latrines in places such as India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

These toilets or latrines are designed to be appropriate for the particular environment they are in, are provided for family groups, schools and village communities, and are especially important for women to be able to use.

Women are particularly vulnerable if they have to go out in the dark to use fields outside their villages.

The twinning initiative also involves sanitation training so that people are able to make the best use of the water which they do have, and it has a huge effect on people’s general health and particularly on reducing levels of infant mortality.

If you would like to know more about Toilet Twinning visit or speak to our church office on (023) 9232 4688 or [email protected]