University of Portsmouth needs to bond again with the local community | Reader’s Letter

It is a sad, sad indictment of the times that this former ‘local’ supporter has cast its net to national and worldwide glory and been dismissive of the need for bonding with the local community, realisation of what the local community can offer and, indeed supporting and consulting the local community, not just with regular employment but with decision making.

Tuesday, 28th May 2019, 11:01 am
University of Portsmouth

There was a time that this was of great importance to the University of Portsmouth but the comings and goings of CV building management, inadequate decision-making and huge project disasters have left the financial clear-up to be redundancies.

Hard-working and caring people, as usual, will lose their jobs, their earnings and their future while the very same people at the top continue to fail to deliver, will move the leather coasters around their polished board room table completely unaffected by events.

Once a polytechnic with a heart-beat, once a university grateful for the recognition and respectful of those who helped along the way but now a power-ball of hype and indulgence that will only further increase the chasm they have created between themselves and the people of Portsmouth.

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Good luck to the real people of the University of Portsmouth, staff who are now entering a minority breed.

Dean Kimber

North Shore

Hayling Island