Wave mystery '“ answers needed

Sometimes my children ask me a question for which I simply don't have a straight answer. Well, not until I've asked Google. But even then I'm sometimes none the wiser.

Tuesday, 26th January 2016, 6:00 am

I’ve mentioned before the time my six-year-old daughter Caitlin asked me why clouds are white. I was probably once taught this in science lessons but the information just didn’t stay in my memory. Apparently it’s something about ice crystals scattering white light.

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Then there was the time Caitlin asked me what our shoulders are for. Once again I didn’t have an answer I knew was right so I went with ‘to stop your head falling off’.

Last week she fired another question at me while we were having fun in the pool at the Pyramids Centre, Southsea. ‘How do they make the waves, dad?’ she asked. I said they had a wave machine and thought she’d be satisfied with that answer. No. ‘How does the wave machine makes the waves?’ was her next question.

If anyone from The Pyramids is reading, I’d love to know the answer and so would Caitlin.