We all make mistakes – I once booked the wrong holiday! – Cheryl Gibbs

I do recall saying the words ‘never again’ when I booked a big family holiday to Bulgaria last summer to celebrate my uncle Nigel’s 60th birthday. But once again I got lumbered with being the official travel planner for our family.

By cheryl.gibbs1
Thursday, 21st March 2019, 12:41 pm
Updated Thursday, 21st March 2019, 8:26 pm

I spent last weekend in and out of the travel agency speaking to Lauren whose job it was to look after me as I wanted to book a big family holiday to celebrate Matt’s 40th birthday next year.

Lauren helped me look at our options and we have finally booked an awesome week away to Fuerteventura, staying in a nice four-star platinum-grade, all inclusive hotel.

But to get there I had to endure days of pain.

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I’ve somehow been the unofficial travel rep for my family and friends since I was about 19, when I worked as a travel agent for Going Places (remember those?).

I used to work in the Commercial Road, Portsmouth, branch and I loved that job.

I didn’t love the long hours or the fact if a customer came in five minutes before we were due to close we still had to put a smile on and serve.

Or the fact I had to work almost every Saturday.

But the actual job of investigating holidays for people I loved.

It fed my travel addiction for a bit, even though I made my fair share of mistakes – including, but not limited to, actually booking someone a holiday to a completely different hotel and place than they thought they had booked.

Luckily when said customer came in to tell me what had happened, he not only saw the funny side but told me it worked out for the best, because the hotel was fantastic – phew! I dodged a bullet there.

My point is booking holidays, especially for a large group, is hard and I got inundated with family requests…such as: ‘Oh, I’m easy Chez…so long as it’s near the beach, at least four-stars, has a minimum of three restaurants…a couple of bars…things for the kids’.

The list goes on and on and on. However, between Lauren and I we got something booked and I cannot wait for what will undoubtedly be a fab family holiday to celebrate my hubby’s birthday.

But no doubt afterwards I’ll be saying ‘never again’.

I’m not a competitive auntie when it comes to clay dinos

Last week I went to my niece’s school to help her with a project.

I was all too happy to help Hollie out as she started making a dinosaur eye out of clay (think Jurassic Park)

‘Help’ is the optimum word here – I thought the idea was to assist Hollie. The other parents obviously didn’t get that memo because I’ve never seen such rife competition among a bunch of adults.

Some of the clay models were nothing short of prize-winning as they whipped the clay away from their kids and took over completely.

At the end she said: ‘If Daddy was here, it would have been perfect’ which obviously means she didn’t think ours was.

Oh well, at least it was OUR project and not MINE.

Okay, it’s not trendy now but I’m just hooked on Netflix

I always do things so much later than everyone else. It doesn’t really matter what it is, but if something is trendy or current, I’m not that fussed about it until years later when I realise what the fuss is about.

Matt wanted to subscribe to Netflix for a month’s free trial, and despite my protestations he went for it.

I immediately cancelled the subscription (don’t tell him) but I wish I hadn’t – it’s blooming brilliant and I love it.

Some of the documentaries and series are fab and I’m addicted already – a true Netflix convert.

I wasn’t bothered when Netflix was a big thing, but now I’m hooked it’s a wonder I lasted all these years without it.