We could sign up to Airbnb and live in a tent in a field

Lou's been telling me all about Airbnb. Basically, people sign up to the website and nominate their house, or just a bedroom, to be rented as accommodation.

Surprisingly, Beyonce and Gwyneth Paltrow are apparently big fans of this, although I’m not sure Beyonce would enjoy staying in my three-bed house in Locks Heath!

Although we do have a Waitrose within walking distance, so maybe that would swing it for her.

I have spotted a cunning money-making opportunity though.

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During the school summer holidays, I could rent out my house for three weeks and move my wife and kids into my eight-man tent, which I could erect on the field opposite my house.

Surely people from the north would pay good money to spend three weeks on the south coast at Titchfield Common?

They could sleep in my super king-sized double bed and enjoy gaming on my son’s XBox.

I’m sure he’ll be fine with that...

Lou: I love the idea of Airbnb. It’s a great way to save money, you get to see a place from a more local perspective and get hints and tips about what to do while you’re there, plus you might make a new friend.

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Several of my friends have used it and had a brilliant experience.

The places to stay vary hugely, from someone’s sofa to a luxury holiday apartment and you can rate your experience and host on the website.

I don’t mind the idea of staying in someone’s spare room, as it could be a really sociable experience.

If I had a spare room I would definitely consider letting people stay, as long as I had a good idea of who they were.

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But I definitely wouldn’t rent out my whole house to anybody while I wasn’t there.

I’m sure most people would be very well-behaved, but you never know.

Plus I don’t like the idea of leaving everything I own in the hands of complete strangers!

Somehow I think Jez’s wife might have a similar reaction to mine.

Sorry, but I simply can’t imagine her ever agreeing to Jez’s ridiculous tent plan.