We might not all like it but council tax is valuable

Council tax is a bill that comes to all of us.

It pays for vital services that keep our lives moving.

The levy goes towards the running of a range of things, from planning to transport, highways to police, fire, rubbish collection, libraries, recreation, trading standards and much more besides.

Yes, there may be gripes about whether there’s value for money, but it’s a necessary evil.

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Which is why it’s surprising to bring you the story we do today of elected representatives who have failed to keep up with their payments.

A sympathetic view may be that they are simply human, like anyone else, and that things can be forgotten.

But these are people who have been elected to represent their communities and, as such, should lead by example.

We outline the various reasons they give today, all of which are perfectly reasonable.

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But the message should go out loud and clear that meeting one’s obligations is vital for every one of us.

It may be hard to visualise how every pound is spent after you’ve paid your monthly instalment.

But really, that is the success of it – the money raised by communities across the land oil the wheels of society and keep everything moving.

Of course, there can be very good reasons why people cannot meet their tax bills.

But for most, it’s something that must be managed.

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We can only echo the TaxPayers’ Alliance chief executive John O’Connell who says those in difficulty should get help and support. He adds: ‘But the rest should be leading by example and anyone who has failed to pay ought to have the guts to own up.’

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