We should all strive to be more like young Lewis

At The News, we've always known that Lewis Hine was a star.

The now-teenager has been featured in our pages since he was a little boy, heroically battling through numerous health problems which have seen him in and out of hospital.

He first came to our attention when generous readers supported his mum Emma’s bid to take him to Florida to swim with dolphins.

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He touched our hearts when she told how, in his short life, water on the brain, epilepsy and brain tumours had caused him to undergo five major brain operations.

He has had much more surgery since.

Despite all that – there is a constant smile on his face.

And on Sunday night it went from ear to ear as he picked up the Radio 1 Hero of the Year award for setting up Friend Finder.

The organisation helps young people like Lewis make new friends.

Just a few months ago he was named The News’ Hero of the Year at our Youth Awards.

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Despite everything life has thrown at Lewis, he has battled through it without feeling sorry for himself, and, crucially, with the help of his wonderful family.

Mum Emma has also won awards with The News, including Woman of the Year.

They are, quite simply, an inspirational family.

They have suffered real adversity, but are always positive, always laughing and always determined to make the best of every situation.

Lewis said both in June, when he won The News award, and when he won the Radio 1 award, that he could hardly believe it.

Well, we can. He is an amazing young man, the kind of person everyone should strive to be more like – not just fellow teenagers.

We send you heartfelt congratulations, Lewis.

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