We'll follow Sarah Beeny's advice and go up in the loft

Do you live in your '˜forever home'? That was a question I was asked this week.

Thursday, 29th September 2016, 6:01 am
Updated Wednesday, 5th October 2016, 2:20 pm
Arsene Wenger

Can you see yourself moving ever again?

We thought we’d found such a house here in Alverstoke.

We’re in the catchment area for some of the best- performing schools on the south coast, so we feel we are in the perfect place.

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We’re also a five-minute walk from the sea and the wonderful Stokes Bay.

In fact, we love Gosport full stop, it has everything except the hustle and bustle.

But what of our home?

When we moved in back in 2013, we didn’t have any children, just two dogs. Now we have two children and two dogs!

Our decent-sized three-bed house is bursting at the rafters with living beings and all the paraphernalia that goes with them.

We’ve done a fair bit to the house to make it our own.

Built in the 1930s, it has a wonderful back garden that stretches out 100 feet from the house.

We’ve built a conservatory and patio area out the back and a large garage at the end of the garden.

We lost the front garden in favour of off-road parking. Things were perfect.

But will this see us through the next 30 years?

I’m now not so sure after friends upgraded and asked us the question.

Although the kids have their own rooms, Holly’s is the box room.

Will that be enough for her in years to come?

One idea is to convert the loft so we’d have our own space away from the children and the box room would become a spare room and storage.

Sarah Beeny says ‘don’t move, improve’ on the telly, but is it worth spending another £25,000 on a property that may not return your investment?

Then again, house prices in Alverstoke are now ridiculous.

A four-bed on Jellicoe Avenue is up for sale at £500,000!

So I think we’ll follow Sarah Beeny’s advice and go up in the loft.

Sadly, that means my ‘priceless’ collection of bus timetables will need to find a new home...


I really felt Sam Allardyce was the right Englishman for the job of England manager.

But there was no way he could stay on after the Daily Telegraph investigation claimed he offered advice on how to get around rules on player transfers.

He is also alleged to have used his role to negotiate a deal worth £400,000 to represent a Far East firm.

Then there were those derogatory remarks about his predecessor Roy Hodgson, assistant Gary Neville, the England team and the FA.

According to the FA, Allardyce said he had ‘made a significant error of judgment’.

Well, it turns out that so did the FA in appointing him to the top job. I just hope someone at the FA has Arsene Wenger’s mobile number.


It’s nearly time for Stoptober, a campaign designed to get smokers to quit.

I may well join in – but I don’t smoke.

I am obsessed with my smartphone though, so for October I’m intending to go cold turkey on social media.

My job demands I’m on it some of the time.

But Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and even What’s App mean I’m ‘tuned in’ 24 hours a day to what is going on around me.

Honestly, it’s doing my head in!

I catch myself paying more attention to my phone than my children when they are standing right in front of me. This has got to stop.

I love social media, but it’s taking over my life!

Surely I can do without constantly checking my mobile phone for one month?