What's wrong with a dad wanting to hug his kids? '“ Clive Smith

Former glamour model Danielle Lloyd has faced criticism after claiming it is '˜creepy' for fathers to hug their older children in public. The 34-year-old mum-of-four said '˜it does feel awkward sometimes, especially for children who are going through puberty'.

Monday, 22nd October 2018, 11:14 am
Updated Tuesday, 23rd October 2018, 4:26 am
What's wrong with dads hugging their sons or daughters?

What a silly comment. It's not creepy at all. The only thing odd about it are people like her who think it's creepy.

Far too much gets read into innocent interactions and twisted into something it isn't.

Dads should not be demonised for showing affection to their kids.

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She added: '˜It can look creepy if a dad is out with his daughter and they're in a restaurant it can look a  bit weird.'

If a dad wants to hug his children, no matter what age they are, then they should. I really don't see the problem.

Obviously if they didn't want you to hug them, you wouldn't. There's no need to make a drama out of it.

It's views like this that stop dads from showing love towards their children.

I'm sure her kids will need a hug from their dad when they become teenagers, browse the internet and stumble across a video of their mum consuming Pringles. Strange how these videos get '˜leaked' though isn't it? 

Anyway, no parent should be made to feel bad about giving their children a hug. I'm sure there are many people around who wish they could still hug their fathers.

And what on earth is the difference between a hug from a father compared to one from a mother? I see Lloyd didn't say anything about mum hugs.

Maybe she has her own '˜dad' issues that need resolving before she starts projecting them on to everyone else.

Or maybe she's just saying it because the only '˜hugs' she's famous for are the ones she got from half the footballers in the Premier League! 

She's an idiot and gets invited on too many of these chat shows.

For the life of me I can't see why she is still in the public eye. Just like Katie Price. Their kids are really going to end up with problems when they are older.

Saying and doing stupid things just to stay relevant really isn't a good look and it's about time she realised it.


Will Brexit see off invasion of ladybirds with their STIs?

I tell you what, Brexit can't come soon enough. It now appears that we've got foreign ladybirds carrying sexually transmitted infections (STIs)  invading our homes!

How do they know these things are carrying STIs? I reckon some scientist has been caught out by his missus and has created some elaborate story and it's ended up going viral. And there was me thinking you could only catch STIs from a toilet seat.

I can see the excuses now after a trip to the Ella Gordon Unit at St Mary's Hospital, Portsmouth,  gives you a positive result for chlamydia.

'˜It was the ladybirds babe '“ nothing to do with the American USS Harry S Truman and its 5,000 crew anchored off Stokes Bay.'


Invention to keep tubsters out of doctors' surgeries

The Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health says every child in the country should be weighed annually by their GP in an effort to battle childhood obesity. But when has getting weighed ever stopped you getting fat?

I'm not sure surgeries, already stretched to the limit, would welcome hordes of tubsters waddling in taking up valuable time when it would be just as easy to eat a healthy meal or two and run round a field a few times a week.

If being weighed stopped people piling on pounds I'd invent a fridge that only opened when you got on the scales. See you on Dragons' Den. That's got to be worth a £100,000 investment for one per cent of the business.