When are celebs going to join us in the real world? | Verity Lush

Surely there has never been a more sanctimonious bunch ofaward-winners than those from this year’s Oscars’ ceremony.Perhaps it’s just me, but listening to a group of over-privileged millionaires telling the rest of us how we should all live, really does rankle.

Friday, 14th February 2020, 6:17 pm
Updated Friday, 14th February 2020, 6:17 pm
WAFFLER: Joaquin Phoenix preached about... cows. Picture: Getty Images

Up popped Joker Joaquin Phoenix waffling on about how we all feel entitled as human beings to artificially inseminate cows and then, horror of horrors… drink their milk!

Oh my days Joaquin, not milk, surely? Anything but their milk!

Had Joaquin trundled up on stage, thanked everyone for his award (the reason he was there after all), and spoken about anything remotely relevant to what he was doing, then it would at least have seemed more benefiting of the occasion.

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Instead, celebs all over the show were taking their moment to bang on about various causes.

They have enough publicity to do this.

They even have ready access at their little, over-insured fingertips to type whatever their waking thought is each day, should they so wish.

So for goodness’ sake, give it a rest when you are just standing up to collect an award, as an actor, in recognition of your acting.

Instead, up they all got, preaching about how we should live.

As if those in La La Land have the first clue about how much a pint of milk stolen from chemically-molested cows actually costs these days.

Do these said celebs believe the rest of the world is so in awe of their celebrity that we hang on their every word?

Hilariously, in the middle of all this, these people seem to be forgetting that we, the public, the people who pay to watch their films, are in the overwhelming majority in terms of ratio, and can most definitely teach them a thing or several about real living.

We who, broadly speaking, have one car each at most.

We who catch a couple of flights per year.

We who do our own recycling because we don’t have minions who we pay to take the rubbish out.

The list is endless…

Female superheroes do not exist in reality – just films

I’d also like to award a prize for the Most Condescending and Allegedly Feminist Oscar Twaddle. The award goes to Sigourney Weaver for her daft – and false – comment, that ‘all women are superheroes’.

Is this not the same kind of sweeping generalisation that females have battled against for centuries? Or is generalisation okay if it’s positive? Feminism aside, it is tosh. Plain and simple.

Some women are useless; some horribly behaved; some very neglectful mothers. Alternatively, others are hard-working, try to mother as best they can, and attempt kindness wherever possible. But they are not superheroes. Because nobody is Sigourney – superheroes are right out of the movies.

Sometimes it’s best to just let life wash right over you

A colleague of mine, Emma, asked me this week how I manage to think of something to write each week for this column, which got me thinking further.

Isn’t it funny how human beings have the capacity to not only think but to also drive ourselves crackers with it at times? The curse of over-thinking is one that afflicts many of us and, as George Ezra brilliantly puts it, what a terrible time to be alive if you’re prone to over-thinking.

There are myriad things with which to torture oneself. Health, education, politics, war, viruses, Brexiting, finances and so on and so forth. But, as Ezra says – wisely for one so young (you can tell I am one so old), we’re all right together.