Who cares Kiddicare is set to go? I do!

Thornton on Thursday column with Peterborough Telegraph's deputy editor Nigel Thornton - peterboroughtoday.co.ukThornton on Thursday column with Peterborough Telegraph's deputy editor Nigel Thornton - peterboroughtoday.co.uk
Thornton on Thursday column with Peterborough Telegraph's deputy editor Nigel Thornton - peterboroughtoday.co.uk
I've always found it strange how people get emotional over the closure of shops and businesses.

There was no wailing and gnashing of teeth from me when Woolworths went under. The wonder of Woolies was a marketing slogan not a statement of fact. As for ‘pick & mix’ well that just seemed unhygenic to me.

I don’t want you to think I’ve got a heart of stone and I admit the demise of shoe shop Freeman, Hardy and Willis hit me quite hard.

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In my weird teenage boy mind the name always struck me as strangely erotic. I was also sad when poster provider Athena closed its doors (teenage boy syndrome again and that image of a young woman, er, playing tennis.

And the day the music died at Virgin Records brought a lump to my throat.

I had a summer job at Virgin’s huge flagship store in Oxford Street and on my last day the DJ (yes they had one in the store) played XTC’s Making Plans For Nigel in tribute to my departure to the dark side (I was leaving to take up a job as a trainee accountant).

Talking of record stores it was also a sad day when Andy’s Records closed in Peterborough. As a music loving cub reporter in Spalding in the 80s it was a regular destination.

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Strange, it turns out I’m as emotional about shop closures as the next walking wallet/customer!

There will be more tears when Kiddicare – a business which was born and grew up in Peterborough, sells its last pack of nappies. I’d never stepped foot in the store until six years ago when I became a dad. After that a trip every Saturday became part of my regular routine.

I never thought I would be comparing the strengths and weaknesses and indeed aesthetic quality of a potty... and what’s more enjoying it.

I miss you already, Kiddicare !


Congratulations to Karen Hepworth-Lavery who is retiring from her role as head at Heritage Park School in Stanground.I was intrigued to read that her next role will see her running an alpaca business. Sensing the opportunity for a lame joke, I wondered if young alpacas were called kids. I Googled it and found in fact they were called crias. Phew, the joke was still on... well I suppose she’s used to dealing with young crias !

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I also learned that adult male alpacas are called machos... I just thought you might like to know that!


There must be much excitement at Peterborough Town Hall and Bayard Place as the city council gets ready to move to swanky new offices at the Fletton Quays development.

The developers have even provided sun loungers outside as revealed on theTwitter feed of Lib Dem councillor Nick Sandford. He was not impressed that they were facing north.Still, I’m sure some of the city’s rough sleepers will appreciate them!

I do find it odd that the council should be making this move at a time when it is perpetually crying the poor tale and cutting services/adding charges to slash millions from the budget.

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And before an irate councillor picks up the phone, I do know the difference between revenue and capital spending.

But put it this way, if yourhousehold income had been slashed would your response be to move to a flashy new home?


I don’t have a problem with USAF jets doing low-level training flights over Peterborough and the surrounding area. But I don’t understand why they have to do it so early in the morning.


There was a celebratory tweet from Peterborough police after arrests were made during an alleged break-in in progress at Peterborough Museum.

The two suspects were later released without charge and there has been some speculation that they were in fact cleaners.I’m a bit confused – is that a good or bad result for the cops’ clean-up rate?