Who has a 48in flatscreen TV on their bathroom wall?

Well, I've decided the time has come to have a good clearout at home.

Tuesday, 26th April 2016, 6:01 am
(From back) Peter Prince, Emma Prince, Clinton Prince and Adele Prince

I’ve got so much junk that I never use and am never likely to use.

But I’m not the only one who accumulates things. Recently I’ve been house-hunting for a spacier abode and the sheer amount of stuff in some of the places I’ve viewed has shocked me.

People buy more these days. In one house there was a TV and DVD player in EVERY room, including the bathroom.

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I’m not kidding. Who has a 48in flat screen on their bathroom wall? That’s just ridiculous.

The only soaps I want to see in my loo are the perfumed ones I use to wash with.

Another property had gadgets galore, with a large American fridge that was the size of my shed and no doubt full of out-of-date food.

In the living room there were rows upon rows of shelves with enough books to open a library.

I would rather have a few well-loved and well-read books than 100s that are collecting dust and that I will never, ever get around to looking at.

Looking around other houses has certainly been an eye-opener as to how other people live.

It’s made me think that as a society we have lost the art of living modestly and become obsessed with material possessions. It seems quite unhealthy to me.,

Maybe for many folks it’s a question of the more they have, the more safe and secure they feel.

Anyway, seeing my bags of unwanted stuff lined up at the door ready for a charity to collect has made me feel so much freer and less burdened.

It’s also quite surprising how much space and natural light a room draws in when it’s not cluttered by objects.

My next job is to tackle my messy wardrobe, which is crammed with clothes that are either uncomfortable,unflattering or quite simply worn out.

Just why do we hang on to them, ladies?

I think I wear maybe only 30 per cent of my clothes 80 per cent of the time.

This is really quite wasteful, so I’m having a good sort out.

Maybe after all this decluttering, I might not have to move after all...


Blue Day 2016 takes place on Friday next week, so there’s still time to organise a fun fundraiser for a very worthy cause.

The day, when The News and Portsmouth FC encourage people to wear Pompey blue, began in 2008 to raise money for the Tom Prince Cancer Trust – set up in memory of a Pompey fan who sadly passed away on the eve of his 16th birthday from osteosarcoma.

Cancer is such a hideous disease and we all know or know of someone who has been affected.

The trust is getting close to hitting £1m raised, which would be an amazing achievement.

So I encourage everyone to get involved by donning blue or holding an event.

Let’s make it a truly blue-tiful day.


I’m pleased to say ‘Dodger’, my nippy Smart car, passed its MOT.

To be honest I didn’t expect there to be any major problems as I’ve done less than 500 miles in a year.

The reason for the very low mileage is that I’m still a little nervous out on the roads and tend to stick to routes I’m familiar with.

It’s going to be a while yet before I’m geared up to drive on the motorway.

I admit that there’ve been a few funny moments and, er, a few scratches over the past year.

For instance, there was one time when I managed to lock my keys in the car at the start of a carwash.

I drove quite a few people crazy that day.

Still, at least it was down to human failure and not car failure!