Who's really behind deaths of rap rivals Tupac and Biggie? '“ Cheryl Gibbs

A still from Unsolved, A Netflix show about the murders of rappers Tupac and Biggie SmallsA still from Unsolved, A Netflix show about the murders of rappers Tupac and Biggie Smalls
A still from Unsolved, A Netflix show about the murders of rappers Tupac and Biggie Smalls
Matt and I have been watching the Netflix TV series Unsolved which looks at the unsolved murders of rappers Tupac and the Notorious BIG.

 Because it's based on true events we knew there would be no pay-off because, 20 years on from the murders, no arrests or convictions have ever been made.

But it's such an interesting story that details all the conspiracies around the events that led to the deaths of these two famous music stars.

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I started digging online and found out Johnny Depp is starring in a movie called City of Lies  about an LAPD cover-up involving the two deaths.

It looks very interesting and I recommend both.

'˜He got the action, he got the motion' '“ a family tune

I told my sister Jo not to let me get drunk last Friday at Tiger Tiger, in Gunwharf.

Did she support me on this? No. I blame her entirely for the state I woke up in on Saturday morning. I know the DJ Liam Howes as we both used to work at local radio station 107.4 The Quay. When he spots me he always plays my favourite song '“ Dire Straits' Walk of Life. It's a family tune and the song my dad and I danced to at my wedding. My sisters find it embarrassing that a club DJ feels obliged to play it when I'm there, but I blooming love it. I'd rather dance to that than all the new songs the kids listen to these days. 

Love it!

I always find it difficult to cut those apron strings

'˜Don't forget that I was there when you were born.'

It's something I tell my cousin Alex all the time, because I was in fact present when he came into the world.

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Okay, well not literally '“ I wasn't in the delivery room or anything when he popped out.

But as soon as he arrived I went in to see him. I can only have been about five or six, because Alex is 27 now.

But I remember it vividly and it's something I remind him of frequently. He's always been more than a cousin to me and my sisters.

Perhaps because I'm the youngest sister, having someone like Alex around all the time when I was growing up meant that he always felt more like a brother than a cousin.

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I am so thrilled that today, Friday, August 3, I get to watch him get married. Where on earth has the time gone, that's what I want to know?

My childhood is packed full of memories of Alex '“ from trying to persuade him to keep quiet so I could listen in on our mums' conversations (I've always loved a gossip), to reading him a bedtime story, to trying to console him when it thundered and there was lightning during a family barbecue when he must have only been about six years old. My point is there are few memories of my childhood where Alex isn't there, so perhaps that's why today is an emotional one and so poignant.

He's marrying the beautiful Alice, in Salisbury, and then they will continue their life together in Brighton. I'm so happy for Alex and he thoroughly deserves his happy ending.

I've always found it strange when loved ones I grew up with go off and start their own life and there's this sort of releasing of the apron strings, which I've always found hard, regardless of who they are.

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But I know Alex and Alice will be one of those couples who will genuinely have their fairytale ending.

Good luck guys '“ I'll be the one in front bubbling their eyes out and sobbing like a baby telling everyone something they already knew, '˜I was there when Alex was born, you know'. Ha!




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