Why it's the right time to bring back Top of the Pops

George Ezra performing at The Pyramids, Southsea.  Picture: Paul WindsorGeorge Ezra performing at The Pyramids, Southsea.  Picture: Paul Windsor
George Ezra performing at The Pyramids, Southsea. Picture: Paul Windsor
It's now 10 years since the last edition of Top of the Pops and I reckon that now, more than ever, is the right time to bring it back.

The success of radio stations such as Radio 2 and Wave 105 proves it.

This is my theory. These two radio stations have a broad audience appeal, unlike, say, Radio 1 and Capital.

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They play a broad mix of music from the 1960s through to the very latest singles.

They are the stations most people see as a compromise listen, enjoying the new stuff while hearing a host of classics that keep the older listeners happy!

This is why the nation needs a show like Top of the Pops. There is nothing these days on mainstream television that bears any resemblance to it.

Do you know what George Ezra or John Newman look like?

You’ll know their songs, but you’d be surprised at how they look.

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Back in the day, your parents knew exactly who Adam & The Ants and Culture Club were.

That’s even if dad did make remarks about the gender of Boy George for the 100th time!

The whole family would sit down in front of the telly on a Thursday evening at 7pm to see the latest chart stars, bringing popular culture to a wide audience.

There is definitely less tolerance of and interest in chart music among the older generation these days, as they are not exposed to these artists.

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I’m not saying we need to go back to the cheesy old days of the 1980s, with miming artists and corny Radio 1 DJs.

The show could easily be brought up to date in a similar way to how Top Gear came back in 2003 with Jeremy Clarkson et al.

I’m thinking live performances in the studio, videos or exciting location shoots. Fun features of presenters in the recording studio with artists and presenters undertaking challenges.

How about the show being broadcast live and the audience has to suggest a classic song for the top band of the week to perform live at the end of the show?

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I shouldn’t be sharing these ideas with you, I should be sending them to the Director General of the BBC!


Dare I say I’m looking forward to the next England match this Sunday? We play Slovakia, the team we failed to score against at Euro 2016.

After the mass disappointments of the Eriksson, McLaren, Capello and Hodgson era, I think Sam Allardyce is the best option.

Never fully appreciated by West Ham or Newcastle fans, his teams are always hard to beat.

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We are not good enough to play tippy tappy football. I’m not expecting miracles, but Sam will get England playing to our strengths.

No room for showboaters like Wilshere or Barkley. We’ll be hard-working, defensive and organised.

I bet we nick a winning goal in the 90th minute. And as long as we can do that in Russia, I’ll be happy.


I’m falling apart and it all seems to have happened since I turned 40.

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I really want to do the Great South Run this year, but I’m being constantly hampered by illness and injury.

After my weight loss, I was regularly running 10km.

But since our summer holiday and chickenpox, I’ve hardly exercised. Each time I do, the flu-like symptoms return.

This week, I tweaked my back getting out of bed, then cricked my neck. I’m now walking around like Herman Munster with horrible whiplash pains.

We’re supposed to be cycling around the Isle of Wight on Sunday.

I daren’t think of the damage I could cause myself.

Maybe I need one of those powered derny bikes from the Olympic velodrome?