Parents warned over 'dangerous' baby shark challengeÂ

A bizarre new viral craze is taking over the internet '“ the Baby Shark challenge.Â

The baby shark song has gone viral. Picture: Pinkfong/ YouTube
The baby shark song has gone viral. Picture: Pinkfong/ YouTube

Inspired by the widely popular children's tune the Baby Shark Song '“which has been popularised by Pinkfong and is bound to be stuck in your head for days. 

Parents have been dressing up like sharks, jumping out of moving cars and dancing along to the insanely catchy tune. 

However an expert has warned people about the dangers of taking part in the challenge. 

What is the baby shark song? 

The catchy children's tune has gone viral this summer thanks to a popular YouTube video which has racked up 1.6 billion views. 

The origin of the remains unknown '“ it has been a mainstay of Scout campfire sing-a-longs for years, and according to a 2007 book on American band camps it was sung by preschool kids in the 1900s. 

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However a YouTube channel called Pinkfong! Kids' Songs and Stories released a video version of the song in June 2016 and it has now been played more than 1.6 Billion times. 

The video adds dance moves to the song '“ with children encouraged to act out being a baby shark, as well as parent and grand parent sharks. 

What is the challenge? 

The baby shark challenge is similar to the Drake inspired In My Feelings Kiki challenge from early this summer '“ which saw people jumping out of cars and even planes to dance along to the hit single. 

However the baby shark challenge takes things a step further, with parents dressing up as a shark as well as jumping out of moving vehicles to dance. 

Videos of people attempting to do the baby shark challenge have racked up hundreds of thousands of views on YouTube in recent weeks. 

Is it dangerous? 

Cyber safety expert and child psychologist Jordan Foster told The New Daily that she is extremely concerned about the dangers of the challenge. 

Ms Foster told the paper: '˜It's simply dangerous to be jumping out of your moving car to perform this dance.'