A Girl from Pompey author goes to Hayling College to teach students about mental health

HAYLING College invited a local author to conduct mental health lessons amid her struggles with addiction.
Bryony Best at Hayling Island CollegeBryony Best at Hayling Island College
Bryony Best at Hayling Island College

Hayling Island College invited Bryony Best to attend their literature festival, but due to her schedule she was unable to make it and then decided to go back to the school and teach year 11 students a lesson plan about mental health, addiction, recovery and well being.

The author, who has released two books, The Girl from Pompey and The Girl from Pompey: Conversations with the Dead, dedicated an entire day on November 3 to the students as she helped teach them about well being.

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She said: ‘I wish I had this type of thing when I was at school but it really does show that there is a change being made in the way that children learn.’

Bryony’s book is a part memoirs that explore her experiences with trauma as a young person and drinking and taking drugs from an early age, as well as the benefits of the recovery.

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She said that the students received the lessons well and some even stayed behind to discuss their current problems or their parent’s struggles.

She added: ‘I wanted to make sure there was a good learning outcome so all of them know what to do if any of their friends come to them with problems. It is a really nice feeling to know I am helping.’

The books are also currently in the process of being put forward to be in libraries within prisons as she hopes that it can help shape people’s future for the better.

The author is currently working on her third book, which she hopes will be out in the new year.

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