Dogs at Phoenix Rehoming: Stanlee the collie cross is desperately looking for forever home after nearly 1000 days in foster home

A gorgeous collie cross has been searching for a forever home for nearly 1000 days without any luck.

She is wary of strangers coming into the home and will bark to begin with but this quickly changes. She has learned to go quietly to her bed where she knows she is safe when she feels uncomfortable. The foster home that works with the family has been working to get Stanlee in a position where she can learn to like people very quickly, in just a couple of sessions at her pace. However, her fear of new people and certain situations makes her unsuitable for a home with young children, but she would be fine with teenagers. She has never bitten during her time at her temporary home and she articulates her feelings very well.

She has completed a number of courses including Bronze, Bronze Plus, IMDT grade 1, IMDT grade 2, Agility Foundations, U.K. Sniffer dogs bronze, U.K. Sniffer dogs silver and her new owner would have to be willing to upkeep training. Stanlee would be ideally suited to a home with another male playful dog or as an only dog. She is house trained, crate trained and can be left alone but she should not be homed with cats because she will chase them. She needs an owner who has experience with rescue dogs or someone that has an interest in dog training as she thrives when she is learning.

Stanlee will always be a reactive dog and she is unlikely to ever feel comfortable in social situations – and a new owner needs to be aware of this. Phoenix Rehoming has asked that people refrain from applying to adopt Stanlee if you do not intend to continue her training.


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