Fareham decontamination firm Sanondaf Hampshire South is helping businesses feel safe in Covid pandemic

THE owner of a decontamination services company has said people should not be ‘terrified’ of Covid this winter – but everyone has a role in protecting the vulnerable.

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Monday, 6th December 2021, 3:01 pm

Sanondaf Hampshire South provides specialist disinfection and decontamination services to businesses, education settings and the healthcare sector.

Owner of the Fareham-based franchise, Abby Elliott, said this winter she doesn’t want people to feel scared of the virus, but also recognises the responsibility of preventing the spread as much as possible.

She said: ‘We’re going into our second winter facing the challenges of coronavirus, so how we continue to keep our businesses operating safely, children attending schools and childcare settings, colleges and universities safely, how we mitigate risk as much as possible is really important.

‘It’s not something that we should all be terrified of but we all have a sort of duty of care to minimise the risk of continually transmitting it in the community, because when it does reach those who are more vulnerable it puts them at risk.’

Since 2014, Sanondaf UK has used a hydrogen peroxide vapour in its treatments which is able to kill up to 99.9999 per cent of viruses, bacteria, fungi, mould, yeast and other microorganisms. This is known as ‘six log efficacy’.

Abby said the service is the next step after traditional cleaning and sanitising, and that the method is quick and non-intrusive.

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Pictured: Owner Abby Elliott at The Hampshire Business Show. Picture: Chris Moorhouse.

She said: ‘It’s a dry application, we emit it through our passive fogging device and our electrostatic spray in such a fine particle size, so when it connects with what you’re pointing it at it doesn’t make it wet at all.’

‘And because it’s so small it completely covers the area, so when we do passive fogging it’s total environmental decontamination, we set our passive fogger off in an enclosed space and it fills the whole space.’

‘The key thing about hydrogen peroxide is that it naturally breaks down into water and oxygen after treatment so it doesn’t leave a chemical residue. So when you’re talking about working in hospitals, childcare settings, nursing homes, it’s just as important that we don’t leave anything behind that it is that we destroy the pathogens.

‘It’s also much less damaging to the environment because it doesn’t get into the water system like chlorine based disinfectants.’

Pictured: Owner Abby Elliott at The Hampshire Business Show. Picture: Chris Moorhouse.

The service starts from £100 and is completed out of working hours, to reduce any disruptions.

To find out more, visit sanondaf-hs.co.uk or find Sanodaf Hampshire South on Facebook and LinkedIn.

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Pictured: Owner Abby Elliott at The Hampshire Business Show. Picture: Chris Moorhouse.