Hilarious golf signs mysteriously appear in Portsview Avenue in response to countless potholes

Witty signs have mysteriously appeared along a residential road in Portchester referring to it as a golf course with the numerous potholes.

Portsview Avenue, Portchester, is now home to a range of comical signs introducing the road as a golf course in response to countless potholes that plaque it. The signs appeared earlier this week but no one knows who is responsible for them. The road, which is now also known as ‘Portsview Golf Course’, features the signs which have been tied to lamp posts – and pictures of them have been circulating on Voice 4 Portchester Facebook page with a lot of people finding them hilarious. From ‘Hole in one’ to ‘Birdie’, the person responsible for the signs has definitely dotted the i’s and crossed the t’s by including brilliant detail, which has made people find it even funnier.

There are a number of roads impacted by potholes across Hampshire and in a previous article by The News, people cast their vote on the worst roads in the area – London Road in Portsmouth and Fir Copse Road in Waterlooville both ranking high.

A spokesperson from Hampshire County Council said: “We have seen a significant increase in demand for pothole repairs due to the impact of severe winter weather in recent years. In July last year, the County Council confirmed an additional £22.5 million, over three years, to specifically target reactive road repairs. This, together with additional funding from the Government announced earlier this year, is helping us to address more potholes more quickly. However, our priority will always be the damaged roads which pose a safety risk and could be dangerous.

“Road issues can be easily reported to us online at www.hants.gov.uk/transport/roadmaintenance. Doing this enables our engineers to inspect defects and arrange for repairs, where appropriate, as quickly as possible."