Hopeful volunteers show off their skills at Gosport Discovery Centre

RECOGNISING your best features and presenting them to a group could seem like a very daunting task.

Tuesday, 16th July 2019, 5:01 pm
Updated Thursday, 18th July 2019, 6:43 pm
The group of learners who participated in the Taking Part course run by Gosport Voluntary Action in partnership with Gosport Discovery centre

This is exactly what 11 learners had to do at a celebratory coffee morning following six weeks building their confidence on Gosport Voluntary Action’s Taking Part course.

Giving people an introduction to volunteering, the course helps people to improve communication skills and confidence.

The course was delivered with Gosport Discovery Centre and tutor Paula Ashby, with support from mentor Becky Stephens, who supported and encouraged the group throughout the six-week period.

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Guests looking at the presentation put together by people on the Taking Part course from Gosport Voluntary Action

Paula said: ‘What I have tried to do in a very short period of time is to get them to feel relaxed to come every week and think about what they can offer.

‘All these people have life experience, people who love and care about them and because of something that’s happened they don’t feel confident. They can do anything I think, I utterly believe in it.’

Some tasks encouraged the group to work together and overcome fears, such as building towers blindfolded and working under time pressure.

Each group member designed a poster for the final day on July 11, which included their best features, challenges faced and their skills, with four people explaining to Gosport Discovery Centre guests what they enjoyed about the course.

Each participant from the Taking Part course run by Gosport Voluntary Action contributed to a presentation of their own skills and encouraging others to get involved in volunteering

Some of the potential volunteers felt like they had been turned down in the past because of disabilities, with one saying they did not think things would get better until starting this course.

Gosport Voluntary Action is running another course in October, for more information visit gva.org.uk