Major campaign launched to make Portsmouth a greener city by climate action board

A rallying cry has been issued today for residents, workers and businesses to join a major News-backed effort to transform Portsmouth into a more sustainable city.

By Fiona Callingham
Monday, 15th March 2021, 9:45 am

Portsmouth Climate Action Board has been set up to drive change in the city and make it a ‘greener’ place to live - with beneficial knock-on effects on air quality, health and community spirit.

The News Going for Green campaign is backing it to the hilt and together we are encouraging change across the area.

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How to help the Portsmouth Climate Action Board make the city safer and healthie...
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Today the action board is launching climate action groups to look at how to improve housing, education, business, and policy and planning, as well as a greening group which aims to promote pocket parks, community orchards, wildflower verges and other urban ‘rewilding’ plans.

The idea of these groups, which are set to meet each month, is that they will involve local people and also help to spread the word throughout neighbourhoods.

They will feed into the board's Climate Action Strategy and the city-wide ambition to become carbon neutral by 2030.

Professor Steve Fletcher, chair of Portsmouth Climate Action Board, said: ‘As a compact and crowded city at sea level, Portsmouth is at the frontline of climate change in the UK.

Going for Green

‘We are committed to making a difference in our city but know that meaningful change is only possible with the support and commitment of individuals and organisations. We are grateful for those already involved but want to encourage more people to come forward and support our ambition to create a greener Portsmouth.’

The board is also offering a free business carbon audit toolkit so businesses can assess their emissions and get help to reduce them.

The Portsmouth Climate Action Board website will act as a hub for climate action, providing information on the causes and impacts of climate change, actions that can help, and local and national resources - including funding opportunities.

Nick Sebley, Portsmouth Climate Action Board member, added: ‘This last year has shown us how vulnerable our economy is to global threats but also how important green spaces and community are. We want to build on both those revelations and create a resident-led movement that both pushes for government action and starts greening its own communities. The opportunities are huge: warmer homes, lower energy bills, healthier air, a fitter society, and more verdant streets.’

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