Virgin Voyages' new luxury liner Valiant lady arrives in Portsmouth following success of Scarlet Lady

VIRGIN Voyages’ new luxury cruise liner has arrived in Portsmouth following the success of the Scarlet Lady.

The stunning Valiant Lady has made her arrival to the city this morning ahead of her maiden voyage and is towering over the Portsmouth skyline.

The cruise liner is Virgin Voyages' second ship and she will sail from Portsmouth International Port this month.

She will cruise around the UK, gracing the ports of London International Cruise Terminal (Tilbury) and Liverpool ahead of her maiden voyage from Portsmouth before heading to her homeport in Barcelona.

Valiant Lady arriving in Portsmouth this morning.

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Valiant Lady will travel from Portsmouth to Zeebrugge on a three-night journey for the first stop of the planned European tour.

Many visitors watched the arrival from the Round Tower in Old Portsmouth this morning.

Vicky Brown, from North End, said: 'Valiant Lady is beautiful but it is on par with Scarlet Lady. It's great that Portsmouth is being used for Virgin Voyages. It's putting Portsmouth on the map.'

Valiant Lady is the sister ship of Virgin Voyages’ other luxury cruise liner, Scarlet Lady.

James Pugh, who is from Portsmouth but now lives in Sheffield, made the trip down to Portsmouth to watch Valiant Lady's arrival.

He said: ‘I've been a big fan of Virgin all my life. I came here for Scarlet Lady's arrival last year and I think it's brilliant.

‘I love the ship, love the company and I'm set to go onboard the Valiant Lady just before it leaves Portsmouth. I can't wait.'

Valiant Lady is the second Lady ship of four in Virgin Voyages’ new adult-by-design, boutique luxury fleet and she arrived in Portsmouth at around 7am.

The cruise liner boasts a similar contemporary design to her sister ship Scarlet Lady and features an impressive 1,330 cabins and 78 RockStar Quarters.

Valiant Lady also features two suites with their own turntables and private hot tub, with 86 per cent of cabins including their own balcony and 93 per cent featuring ocean views.

Cruise itineraries on the Valiant lady include longer port stays and overnighters in some of Europe's most idyllic islands and effervescent cities including Palma de Mallorca and Ibiza.

Similar to its sister ship, Valiant Lady will complete an array of voyages from Portsmouth between March 18 and May 2 (timings may change) before she sails on to Barcelona and the Mediterranean in the summer.

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