Twin brothers bow out after 50 years each!

TWO brothers have notched up a century of work between them '“ at the same company.

Wednesday, 2nd August 2017, 7:06 am
Updated Tuesday, 12th September 2017, 11:38 am
Lewmar's managing director Peter Tierney with (left), presents Chris and Michael Treagust with trophies for their 50 years service. Picture: Ian Hargreaves (170933-1)

Twins Christopher and Michael Treagust have celebrated 50 years of service each – and their final day of work – at marine equipment supplier and manufacturer, Lewmar.

To congratulate the brothers on their unparalleled service, Lewmar held a presentation and invited colleagues and friends to attend and give Chris and Michael a good send-off.

Representatives thanked the duo for their dedication to the company and hard work in their long stint, presenting them with a trophy each to remember their time at Lewmar.

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Chris and Mike both started work at the company when they were 15. Chris said: ‘We left school and wanted an apprenticeship but nobody around seemed to offer them. We came down to Lewmar with our dad and knocked on the door and sure enough, they gave us the apprenticeships we wanted. Getting a job was very different back in those days.’ The brothers started work at the old Lewmar site in Emsworth in 1967.

Chris said: ‘We worked with a team of roughly 25 people and had one or two old, manual machines for making the equipment. Back then that was top of the range!

‘The developments we’ve seen in the industry since then are fantastic – We now have computerised machines and a team of around 300.’

Chris and Mike both worked their way up the ranks. Chris is now a machine toolsetter and toolmaker and Mike works in development.

Mike said: ‘People used to get us confused all of the time. A boss would ask Chris to do a job and then spot me around the corner five minutes later and ask me why I wasn’t getting on with it.

‘I would usually wear overalls and Chris would be in a shirt and trousers but people still couldn’t tell the difference.’

Not only were Chris and Mike heavily involved in the business side of Lewmar, they also got stuck into the social side. Mike said: ‘I think I must’ve attended all 50 annual work parties.’

The pair were regulars at the former gentleman’s social club which used to be above one of Lewmar’s offices, but mainly for the snooker. Mike said: ‘We were fixtures at the social club when it existed and we played in Lewmar’s football and cricket team for some years.’

The pair have stayed active over the years; Mike has run marathons and Chris still cycles to work every day.

Mike said: ‘I used to ride a motorbike into work with Chris on the back of it, but we stick to the pushbike nowadays.’

The pair wanted to say a big thank you to Lewmar for making their time with the company so memorable. Chris said: ‘We both want to thank the people at Lewmar for being so fantastic and for giving us so much opportunity.’

CEO of Lewmar, Peter Tierney said: ‘It’s difficult to put into words how grateful I am for Chris and Mike’s service. I don’t think many people could stand up and give a farewell speech that would do this pair justice.’

To thank the brothers, Lewmar asked them what they think would be a fitting tribute to their time at the company. As a parting gift, the pair and their wives will be picked up from their houses and taken in a chauffered car to London where they’ll stay in their chosen hotel for the night and see a show.

Peter said: ‘It’s the least we could do for Chris and Mike and we really do thank them and wish them the very best in their retirement.’