Vets praised for dramatic rescue after much-loved Petersfield pet pooch suffers ‘horrific’ injuries in freak accident

Nurse Georgie, Monty and vet ChloeNurse Georgie, Monty and vet Chloe
Nurse Georgie, Monty and vet Chloe
A GOLDEN retriever impaled on a metal spike during a freak accident has made a full recovery thanks to the quick work of vets.

Beloved pooch Monty was rushed to a veterinary surgery after owner Jayne O’Brien discovered her four year old pet lying in the garden of their Petersfield home following a ‘horrific’ garden accident.

The poor pup had suffered horrendous injuries when he was impaled by a 60cm metal spiked pole that passed in and out of his groin before spearing his hindleg.

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It is thought that the thick spike had been knocked off a bird bath in the garden by either Monty or Jayne’s other golden retriever Wellington as they played outside.

An x-ray of Monty's injuryAn x-ray of Monty's injury
An x-ray of Monty's injury

When St Peter’s Vets received the emergency call, vet Chloe Graham and veterinary nurse Georgie Marie rushed to Monty’s aid.

Chloe said it was one of the most horrific injuries she’s even seen, and the team at St Peter’s had never treated a canine pet with an injury like Monty’s before.

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Chloe said: ‘It is definitely an injury I will never forget.

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The spike that caused Monty's injuryThe spike that caused Monty's injury
The spike that caused Monty's injury

‘When we were on our way to Monty’s home, Georgie and I were expecting to find that a small piece of metal had pierced his skin, so we were completely shocked by what had actually happened.

‘I have no idea how the pole managed to miss all his vital areas, so Monty is a very lucky boy to have survived this ordeal.

‘It was a real team effort by everyone at St Peter’s.’

When Chloe and Georgie arrived at Jayne’s home, they found that the pole in Monty’s body was so deep it couldn’t be removed on site.

He was sedated and given pain relief so that he could be stretched to the pet ambulance.

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Monty also required specialist dental treatment because he badly damaged his teeth trying to chew the metal pole.

The poor pup needed three hours of life saving surgery, and thankfully Monty has made a full recovery.

Jayne said: ‘I am so grateful to everyone at St Peter’s Vets because they did an amazing job and I can’t praise them enough.

‘Monty’s injury was absolutely horrific and I thought I was going to lose him.

‘If you look at him now, though, you wouldn’t be able to tell what he’s been through.’