Wedding: Charley Duncan and Simon Davis

Sparks flew when Charley Duncan met the love of her life in 2010, after joining the Stagecoach bus company to work as a driver.

Charley and Simon married at Portsmouth Register Office this month. Picutre: Jay Irving Photography.
Charley and Simon married at Portsmouth Register Office this month. Picutre: Jay Irving Photography.

The 28-year-old met her husband-to-be Simon Davis, 49, who works for Stagecoach as an assistant engineer manager.

Fast forward six years, and the Portsmouth couple are now happily married and looking forward to living their lives to the fullest together.

‘Everything went to plan on the day and we had such a good time,’ says Charley.

‘Neither of us were nervous because we feel like we’re soulmates.’

The couple arrived at Portsmouth Register Office just under two weeks ago on a vintage bus, and were joined by 16 guests.

Charley’s maid of honour was her friend, Charlotte Samways, while Simon’s two sons Billy, 19 and Alfie, 16, were ring bearers.

Friends of the couple, Martin and Tracy Spiers, were witnesses.

After the ceremony, the wedding party had dinner at the Southsea Tennis Club Pavilion Café, and were then joined by more than 130 guests for the wedding reception, held at Goals, Portsmouth.

Charley and Simon were friends with the same colleagues when they met, meaning they spent time together in a group where their romance blossomed.

‘One of our dates was at the FA Cup final at Wembley in 2010,’ says Charley.

‘There were about seven of us. On that night we walked past a wedding dress shop and I said, “I’ll have that dress when we get married”.

‘Six years later and it happened – our friends knew it would. People are always saying what a lovely couple we are.’

Simon proposed to Charley in 2015 in the couple’s motor home, named Doris, in the New Forest.

‘He proposed when it was just the two of us, I was so happy when he asked me,’ says Charley.

‘It all just fell into place, but I had a hunch Simon was going to propose because he can’t keep a secret.’

Charley and Simon say that not only are they soulmates, they can also tell what the other is thinking.

‘Charley looks after me,’ says Simon.

‘We’re a brilliant couple because we compliment each other very well, we always have a lovely time together.’

The newlyweds travelled to Guernsey for three days last week for their honeymoon, and took a boat trip to Sark while they were there.

‘The views were lovely, it was very romantic,’ says Charley.

‘It feels really special to be married to Simon.’