Wedding: Coral Hague and Simon Warwick

Coral and Simon married in Bath and had their reception at The Churchillian on Portsdown Hill. Picture: and Simon married in Bath and had their reception at The Churchillian on Portsdown Hill. Picture:
Coral and Simon married in Bath and had their reception at The Churchillian on Portsdown Hill. Picture:
When Coral Hague and Simon Warwick got together, they had no idea of the struggles they'd face.

But nine years on and the couple are now happier than ever after having two children and a wedding that was all about the joining of two families.

The newlyweds from West Leigh met back in 2007 after 31-year-old Simon got a temporary job at KFC, where Coral, 25, was working.

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‘I’d been on holiday and when I got back Simon was there,’ says Coral, who now works for Next.

‘I remember taking a liking to him straight away.

‘Our manager kept making comments and saying we should go out and then Simon did ask me out.’

The couple went to The Heroes in Waterlooville for a drink and eventually became boyfriend and girlfriend.

Coral adds: ‘After a while I wanted Simon to propose and I kept talking about it.

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‘There are three stars in a line in the sky that we always see, called Orion’s Belt. One night we were out walking and we saw them, and he proposed to me there and then.

‘I said yes straight away. I got all excited and giddy!’

In 2011 the couple’s first child, five year-old Kacie-May, was born – but after a struggle that brought them closer together.

Coral says: ‘We tried for a baby for a year with no result, and I found out I had blocked Fallopian tubes.

‘We booked a consultation at the IVF clinic four months later, at which point I found out I was pregnant. We were over the moon but really, really shocked.’

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Coral had a difficult labour – her temperature was too high which meant Kacie-May’s heart rate had dropped.

‘I nearly had to have a C-section, but the team tried a forceps delivery first and it worked,’ Coral adds.

‘Because my tubes were blocked the doctors thought I could have an ectopic pregnancy.

‘Everyone said Kacie-May was a miracle.’

Simon and Coral had their three-year-old son Harry in 2013, and decided after this it was time to get married.

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‘We only wanted a small wedding because it was just about two families becoming one,’ says Coral.

We decided Bath would be a lovely place to do it, because we visit there often and it’s a beautiful place. We married at the Guildhall.

‘The whole day was so amazing.’

Kacie-May and Harry were flower girl and ‘best boy’, and were joined along with the couple’s parents and Coral’s two brothers.

The newlyweds went into the Roman Baths to have their photos taken afterwards, before having a meal with the family at the Abbey Hotel, and spending the night at The Gainsborough Bath Spa Hotel.

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Two weeks later, the reception was held at The Churchillian pub on Portsdown Hill, which about 50 friends and family members attended.

‘Everybody was so happy that we’d finally got married,’ says Coral.

‘Our photographers were brilliant as well, it was like they were guests.

‘I love being Mrs Warwick and I just love seeing Simon wearing his ring. He’s amazing with the kids and we’ve been there for each other a lot. We are each other’s rock.’