Brexit: Ukip leader warns against trade backlash

A MEMBER of the European parliament has called for calm and warned against any trade backlash from European countries.

Ray Finch, who represents Leigh Park and Bedhampton for Hampshire County Council and is a south-east MEP, said: ‘They are still our neighbours, still a big trading partner.

‘They are still our friends.

‘We have to have an amicable outcome.

‘Frankly, lots of the stuff Mr Cameron and Mr Osborne were talking about – us not getting a good deal with the EU – is rubbish.

‘We are their biggest trading partner.

‘The Germans had a £51bn surplus with us last year.

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‘The owners of Bosch and Volkswagen are not going to say let’s trash the economy just to get back at the Brits.

‘The EU needs a good trade deal with us as much as we need one with them.’

And he added: ‘There are people who are going to be very upset in Brussels.

‘But that’s life.

‘We have made a democratic decision that we should be a sovereign nation and forge our own destiny in the world.’

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Mr Finch called for all parties to sit down and work out what our relationship will be with the EU moving forward.

He said: ‘It’s not just for the Conservative Party to decide.

‘It’s for all the parties.’