Brexit vote: MPs disappointed and uncertain after PM’s deal was defeated by 149 votes

DISAPPOINTED and uncertain is how MPs across the area feel after the Prime Minister was defeated in the Brexit vote last night by 149 votes.

Wednesday, 13th March 2019, 8:58 am
Updated Wednesday, 13th March 2019, 10:01 am
Prime Minister Theresa May speaking in the House of Commons last night after the Government's Brexit deal was rejected by 391 votes to 242

391 MPs voted against Theresa May’s deal with only 242 MPs backing her way out of the European Union.

Portsmouth North MP and international development secretary, Penny Mordaunt supported the government’s withdrawal agreement.

The Tory MP said: ‘If we had won the vote we would be leaving the EU on March 29 with a deal.

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Prime Minister Theresa May speaking in the House of Commons last night after the Government's Brexit deal was rejected by 391 votes to 242

‘People and businesses would have had certainty. Instead we have uncertainty. In the coming days we are asked to vote on several issues. I will be voting to deliver Brexit.’

Ms Mordaunt added a plea to MPs across all parties to put the country ahead of everything else.

She added: ‘We gave the choice to the people and we must deliver it. It would be a complete breach of trust not to do so. I know people will be concerned but we must keep going and fighting to deliver an orderly exit.

‘I would urge everyone from all parties to put the country first and get this done.’

International Development Secretary Penny Mordaunt

Fellow Tory Caroline Dinenage, MP for Gosport, echoed Ms Mordaunt’s frustrations.

Ms Dinenage said: ‘I was disappointed at the result. The country needs clear decisive action, not further confusion and delay.

‘I supported the agreement as it is the best way of delivering the referendum result.’

M s Dinenage also expressed that while she would not reject a No Deal but believes an extension would only prolong uncertainty.

Gosport MP Caroline Dinenage

She added: ‘No Deal is certainly neither ideal nor desirable, however, I believe we can make it work and crucially, I know from my years in business, the ability to walk away is critical in any negotiation. 

‘I am unwilling to support an extension to Article 50. It makes it increasingly difficult for businesses to plan for the future and puts the power in the hands of the EU.’

Havant MP Alan Mak said: ‘I voted to leave the EU on March 29, 2019 and honour the referendum result. Yesterday’s result means Brexit is likely to be delayed but I will continue to press for Brexit to happen.’

But Tory MP for Fareham, Suella Braverman voted against the deal.

Fareham MP Suella Braverman

Mrs Braverman said: ‘After reading the deal, listening to the Attorney General’s advice and the prime minister it was overwhelmingly clear to me after reading the deal that the changes made no material or legal difference to the deal I voted against earlier this year an d because the deal had not changed my vote did not change. 

‘The issue I have is that the deal effectively locks the UK in the EU’s custom union and treats Northern Ireland like a third country.’

Labour Portsmouth South MP Stephen Morgan also voted against the deal and hit out at the last minute tweaks made by Theresa May.’

Mr Morgan said: ‘In 2016 the referendum outcome in Portsmouth South reflected the national result. Since then I’ve been listening closely to those who voted leave and those who voted remain. It is clear Theresa May’s deal lets everyone down.

‘This remains a deeply flawed deal that will not protect jobs, rights or living standards in Portsmouth. 

‘It does not deliver a good deal on services and would limit access for British businesses to vital markets. It gives no certainty for the UK to remain part of common security arrangements such as the European Arrest Warrant.

Havant MP Alan Mak

‘Her own Attorney General’s advice confirms there are no significant changes to the backstop despite the new documents and that ‘the legal risk remains unchanged’.’

The city MP has called for a final say via a people’s vote and vowed to put party politics to one side and continue to work with other parliamentarians and across the House of Commons to prevent a ‘no deal’ outcome.

MPs are due to vote today in a free vote on a No Deal Brexit.

If this is rejected the prime minister will then ask MPs to vote on Thursday whether they want her to get a short extension to continue negotiating. 

This would delay Brexit past March 29.  

Portsmouth South MP Stephen Morgan