City resident calls for parking zones either 'everywhere or nowhere' as his street faces displacement misery

A FRUSTRATED resident is calling for parking zones either 'everywhere or nowhere' in the city after new neighbouring permit areas have led to 'an influx' of trucks and vans in his road.

Monday, 18th November 2019, 3:32 pm
Updated Tuesday, 19th November 2019, 4:28 pm
A van blocking access to a bus stop in Devonshire Avenue in Southsea. Picture: Barry Bendel

Concerned Barry Bendel, who has lived in Devonshire Avenue in Southsea for 18 years, described parking in his street as 'bumper to bumper' since the nearby MB and MC zones were implemented in January this year.

The 80-year-old said: 'People are parking here to avoid paying for a permit. To me £30 for a car doesn't bother me, but we have only got one car.

'It's amazing how many available spaces there are in the zones, then you look in our road and it's bumper to bumper. We have been blighted by an influx of trucks, vans and other vehicles belonging to people who don't live here.

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'Consequently residents sometimes have to park a quarter of a mile away from our homes.'

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He also had concerns about the effect on those trying to catch access the bus from his road.

'It means the bus stop is often blocked,' he said.

'I am pretty elderly myself but luckily I am able-bodied. But I know some people really struggle because the bus can't park close to the bus stop.'

A small part Devonshire Avenue will become part of the ME parking zone next year after the council's transport boss Councillor Lynne Stagg approved it at a meeting in October. The rest of it could become part of the MI and MH zones, which will be considered in the future.

But Mr Bendel added: 'The answer is parking zones everywhere or nowhere.'

Parking zones in Portsmouth are decided as part of a rolling programme.

Kevin McKee, parking manager for Portsmouth City Council, said: 'This means the next area to be consulted with has been selected in a systematic way as there maybe displacement from the previous zone.

'In this way residents in the consultation area, all have the opportunity to consider whether they want a residents' parking zone and can take into account any displacement they are experiencing from adjacent zones.

'It also means that if displacement does occur and residents want a zone, one can be introduced as soon as possible.'

It is planned the ME zone will be implemented by February 3 next year.