COMMENT: More anger over way our veterans are ignored

There are literally hundreds of armed forces veterans who live in our communities and feel so let down. Â

How many times have we written a Comment about this almost unbelievable state of affairs?

It's 2018, our service personnel are geared to respond at a moment's notice to intervene on our behalf if any threat to our nation occurs yet when their time is done they don't even receive a '˜golden goodbye' let alone genuine thanks plus a real concern for their future welfare.

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That's why our defence correspondent Tom Cotterill's latest story  is another bitter pill to swallow.

Special forces veteran and TV adventurer Ant Middleton has rightly blasted the government for '˜deserting' war heroes when they leave the military.

The sniper '“ who was born in Portsmouth and grew up in Waterlooville '“ also lambasted Whitehall for failing to record the number of veterans who kill themselves.

It comes after an investigation by The News and parent company Johnston Press revealed that no comprehensive official records are kept of the number of British ex-servicemen and women taking their lives.

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Now, fed up with the situation as it is at present, the elite soldier-turned-TV personality is launching his own fight to try and help his brothers in arms.

He has set up the Ant Middleton Fund to support armed forces charity SSAFA and hopes to raise £500,000 by Easter.

All this cash will then be pumped into paying for up to 30 mentors within the charity who will help those leaving the military to cope with the transition into civilian life.

Good luck indeed to Ant and we sincerely hope the money rolls in to help those ex-service personnel     who would have willingly laid  down their lives in any part of the world  to protect us in our hour of need .

Lest we forget...