Council elections 2022: Everyone who is standing for Gosport Borough Council

The list of candidates for the Gosport Borough Council local elections has been published.

By Toby Paine
Wednesday, 6th April 2022, 9:38 pm

The election result will be announced on May 5 - residents will need to register before the deadline on April 14.

Following an independent review, a new electoral map was drawn up with six fewer councillors than in previous elections.

Residents will have two votes to cast - one for each of the seats in their ward.

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A ballot box

Voters have a choice between going to a polling station, voting by post or a proxy vote.

Below are all of the candidates within each ward.

Alverstoke ward

Kevin Francis Casey - Conservative Party

William Frederick Dixon Francis - Liberal Democrats

Adele Louise Earle - Liberal Democrats

Jonathan James Eaton - Labour Party

Zoe Huggins - Conservative Party

Sam Pollard - Green Party

Anglesey ward

Alison Charlton - Liberal Democrats

Aretha Green - Labour Party

Phillip Raffaelli - Conservative Party

Robert Salter - Liberal Democrats

Alan Scard - Conservative Party

Bridgemary ward

Martyn Davis - Labour Party

Stephen Hammond - Liberal Democrats

Kathy Jones - Conservative Party

Bob Maynard - Liberal Democrats

Supriya Namdeo - Conservative Party

Brockhurst and Privett ward

Linda Batty - Conservative Party

Sean Blackman - Conservative Party

Robert Hylands - Liberal Democrat

Alison Mandrill - Labour Party

Stephen Marshall - Liberal Democrats

Elson ward

Sue Ballard - Liberal Democrats

Richard Earle - Liberal Democrats

Natasha Hook - Conservative Party

Kathryn Kelly - Green Party

Alan Neville - Conservative Party

Emma Smith - Labour Party

Forton ward

Mervin Bradley - Liberal Democrat

Peter Chegwyn - Liberal Democrat

Sue Desbois - Conservative Party

Claire Percival - Labour Party

Gary Walker - Conservative Party

Grange and Alver Valley ward

Jonathan Brown - Labour Party

Clive Foster-Reed - Liberal Democrats

Tony Jessop - Conservative Party

Maggie Morgan - Conservative Party

Hilary Percival - Labour Party

Harbourside and Town ward

June Cully - Labour Party

Alan Durrant - Labour Party

Susan Ely - Liberal Democrat

Dale Fletcher - no description

Lesley Meenaghan - Conservative Party

Rob Thompson - Conservative Party

Hardway Ward

Kirsty Cox - Liberal Democrats

Simon Davis - Labour Party

Diane Furlong - Conservative Party

Kay Hallsworth - Conservative Party

Jamie Hutchison - Liberal Democrat

Leesland and Newton ward

Chris Best - Conservative Party

Miles Fletcher - Green Party

David Gary - Conservative Party

Dawn Kelly - Liberal Democrats

Charis Noakes - Labour Party

Aaron Pinder - Reform UK

Julie Westerby - Liberal Democrat

Lee East ward

Kristen Bradley - Liberal Democrat

Graham Burgess - Conservative Party

Jess Cully - Labour Party

Ian Orr - Conservative Party

Martin Suter - Green Party

Lee West ward

Zoe Aspinall - Green Party

John Beavis - Conservative Party

Anne Cruddas - Labour Party

John Gledhill - Conservative Party

Peel Common ward

Lynn Hook - Conservative Party

Martin Pepper - Liberal Democrat

Stephen Philpott - Conservative Party

Daniel Stratton - Labour Party

Rowner and Holbrook ward

Paddy Bergin - Conservative Party

David Herridge - Liberal Democrat

Murray Johnston - Liberal Democrat

Paul Noakes - Labour Party