European elections in South East England: How and when to vote and a full list of candidates

The elections no-one thought would happen are due to take place today with voters across South East England gearing up to vote in the European Elections.

By Conor Matchett
Thursday, 23rd May 2019, 11:14 am
The public will take to the polls for the European elections on Thursday (Photo: Shutterstock)
The public will take to the polls for the European elections on Thursday (Photo: Shutterstock)

Despite the UK voting to leave the European Union in 2016, 73 members of the European parliament, the directly elected body of the EU, will be voted in today with results expected on Sunday 26 May.

Here is everything you need to know about the elections, including a full list of candidates for South East England.

How do I vote?

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Provided you are registered to vote (the deadline to register for these elections passed on 7 May), you vote in the same way you would for a general or council election.

You will be able to cast one vote for a party with the winners calculated using a system called d’Hondt proportional representation using a regional list of candidates for each party.

As it stands in the constituency of South East England there are ten MEPs with four UKIP, three Conservatives, one Labour, Green, and Lib Dem MEP elected in 2014.

Polling stations will open from 7am and close at 10pm on 23 May, with results expected on Sunday.

The details of where you should vote and which polling station to go to will be on your polling card which you should have received in the post. You do not need your polling card to vote.

Who is standing in South East England?

In the South East England, the regional list for each party in the European elections is the following.

Change UK: Richard Ashworth, Victoria Groulef, Warren Morgan, Eleanor Fuller, Robin Bextor, Nicholas Mazzei, Suzana Carp, Phil Murphy, Heather Allen, Diane Yeo.

Conservatives: Daniel Hannan, Nirj Deva, Richard Robinson, Mike Whiting, Juliette Ash, Anna Firth, Adrian Pepper, Clarence Mitchell, Neva Novaky, Caroline Newton.

Green Party: Alexandra Phillips, Elise Benjamin, Vix Lowthion, Leslie Groves Williams, Phelim Cafferty, Jan Doerfel, Larry Sanders, Isabella Moir, Oliver Sykes, Jonathan St. Aubyn Essex.

Labour Party: John Howarth, Cathy Shutt, Arran Neathey, Emma Turnbull, Rohit Dasgupta, Amy Fowler, Duncan Enright, Lubna Arshad, Simon Burgess, Rachael Ward.

Liberal Democrats: Catherine Bearder, Antony Hook, Judith Bunting, Martin Tod, Elizabeth Leffman, Christopher Bowers, Giles Goodall, Ruvi Ziegler, Nicholas Perry, John Vincent.

The Brexit Party: Nigel Farage, Alexandra Phillips, Robert Rowland, Belinda De Camborne Lucy, James Bartholomew, Christopher Ellis, John Kennedy, Matthew Taylor, George Farmer, Peter Wiltshire.

The Socialist Party of Great Britain: Mandy Bruce, Raymond Carr, David Chesham, Robert Cox, Michael Foster, Stephen Harper, Neil Kirk, Anton Pruden, Andrew Thomas-Emans, Darren Williams.

UK European Union Party (UKEUP): Pacelli Ndikumana, Clinton Powell.

UK Independence Party (UKIP): Piers Wauchope, Elizabeth Philips, Daryll Pitcher, Martin Brothers, Tony Gould, Clive Egan, Troy De Leon, Alan Stone, Judy Moore, Patricia Mountain.

Independent candidates: Jason McMahon, David Round, Michael Turberville.