Government issues new safety advice for British holidaymakers travelling to Spain this summerÂ

New travel advice has been issued for tourists visiting Spain. Picture: Stefan Rousseau/PA WireNew travel advice has been issued for tourists visiting Spain. Picture: Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire
New travel advice has been issued for tourists visiting Spain. Picture: Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire
The government has issued a series of travel advice tips for British holidaymakers heading to Spain this summer after a number of incidents in the country in recent weeks.Â

Tourists were involved in public order offences in Benidorm after watching the England game at the weekend, there was a shooting in the popular holiday resort last week and there have been several deaths caused by people falling from balconies while visiting the country. 

The Foreign Office has updated its travel safety advice for British people visiting Spain in light of the recent incidents. 

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World Cup

The government says given recent public order incidents following televised England football matches in Benidorm, you should exercise caution around the vicinity of Rincón Loix during and after the World Cup semi-final match between England and Croatia today (kick-off 8pm local time).

If you're in the area, you should follow the instructions and advice of the local authorities. Strict controls on drinking alcohol in the street are in force and anti-social behaviour may lead to prosecution.

Street crime 

British holidaymakers should be alert to the existence of street crime. Thieves tend to target money and passports so don't keep them all in one place. Keep a copy of your passport somewhere safe. 

But over 12 million British nationals visit Spain every year. Most visits are trouble-free.

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There have been several deaths as a result of falls from balconies. Tourists are being advise not to take any unnecessary risks, especially when under the influence of drink or drugs. 

You should apply for a free European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) before you travel. If you already have an EHIC, make sure it hasn't expired. 

Some medical costs aren't covered by the EHIC. Take out comprehensive travel and medical insurance before you travel.

If you're abroad and you need emergency help from the UK government, contact the nearest British embassy, consulate or high commission.

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Scam warning

There have been reports of an increase in holidaymakers being encouraged to submit a claim for personal injury if they have experienced gastric illness during their stay.

You can find more information about the action you can take if you have suffered a personal injury on the Citizens Advice website.

You should only consider pursuing a complaint or claim if you have genuinely suffered from injury or illness. If you make a false or fraudulent claim, you may face legal proceedings in the UK or Spain.


The government warns that terrorists are likely to try to carry out attacks in Spain. 

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There have been large gatherings of people in Barcelona and other areas of the Catalonia region in relation to the political developments there.

Further gatherings and demonstrations are likely to take place.

They may occur with little or no warning and even demonstrations intended to be peaceful can escalate and turn confrontational. You should exercise caution if you're in the vicinity.

Demonstrations may also cause some disruption and delays to transport services.

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Car restrictions

Temporary restrictions may apply to car use in Madrid on days when air pollution levels are high.

When in force, only cars with a number plate ending in an even number are allowed to circulate on even dates, and cars with number plates ending in an odd number on odd dates.

Restrictions apply within the city boundaries (within the M30 inner ring road) between 6:30am and 9pm.